Image toning for “Bad Trip – Sad Trip”


Randy, copyright 2007 Douglas Stockdale

…it does appear that I have some fine tuning to do for each of my images tones that I am creating for the series Bad Trip – Sad Trip. After working on the different methodologies that are available with CS3, I have found that for a series of images that the Hue/Saturation (H/S) adjustment layer is working best for me. The other toning methods are very good as well. I understand that I should be able to work up a toning scheme with the other methods and do some sort of copy and paste, I’m just not there.

The other pressing issue is: which tone scheme? Looking at thirty printed images lying on the studio floor, the tone color is varied all over the place.  This has confirmed for me that I do not have a consistent “look”. I had to select one image & color that will be the benchmark that I will evealuate the rest against, so I choose my photograph titled “Randy”.

Now I have started pairing the images on my screen to make sure that I have the tonaity and color matched. and I have found that I have some other creative controls to use regard to color that I was not aware of, such as the color and luminosity blending modes for the adjustment level and adding a color adjustment layer.

I am taking a step back on this series, but it is taking me two steps forward. It’s just that it takes so long to make the corrections, print the proofs (and more adjustments), then update the web site and the back-up files. Okay, that was my winning for today.  Now to start putting one foot in front of the next and soon I will have myself caught up (again!).

Best regards, Doug

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  1. I can just imagine the nightmare of such a task – especially if a group of images were all toned individually at at different times. Even the most subtle differences can stand out and be very annoying.

  2. Mark, you are right about this being a potential nightmare, as this actually kept me up last night. really.

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