Blurb Production Proof – In Passing

I had finished the softbound version of my series In Passing and I was hoping to have the first production proof to review while concurrently working on my SoFoBoMo project.

That was almost side railed by the construction team working on my kitchen. Seems that they were working in the garage prepping some items when the UPS deliver was made. Monday they took my package from the UPS and then placed it on a pile of their stuff. I am sure that they meant to give it to me later that day. Solater on Friday, while doing the UPS trace and finding out that it was delivered at the beginning of the week, we found it. Five day internal process delay, could have been worse. grrrrr

Okay, so what about the Blurb softbound book?

First, at 80 pages, it has a nice heft and feel. The binding looks good and the toned print color is very close to the original.

The font for the cover spine is too large and needs to be scaled down to ensure a good fit. No rules or clues from Blurb, so I will give a good guess and it probably means another “production proof” before I release it for sale.

I realized that I have a title inconsistency, on the cover, Photography by … and on the inside title page, I have Photographs by … so I need to chose one or the other and leaning towards Photographs by …

For the pace and flow of the photographs within the book, I think that I do like the sequencing with my choice of image pairings and the single image spreads. Having spend a lot of time on this with my first book dummy when I thought I was going to print this myself, I find that this is a relatively good confirmation of the effort that I spent on this. nice.

At the end of the book after the image index, I have added some notes but have not properly titled this section as the Afterword, so I need to fix that also.

Last but more importantly, are the printed images. I have the additional luxury to be able to compare the Blurb book with my LensWork publication. What I have immediately noticed is the lack of sharpness of the Blurb softcover compared to the LensWork magazine. I have not been reading many blogs recently, as it seems any free time is spent on my SoFoBoMo project, but I do recall someone talking about having oversharpening their book images (Gordon?). My images do not appear to be sharp enough in the Blurb book. hmmmm.

And of course, Blurb provides no clues as to how much sharpenging to add. The softproofing that you do with your Blurb software does not help or illustrate to you as what will happen. So I don’t know if the print sharpeness issue is an artifact of their printing technology or that I did not prepare the images with the correct amount of sharpening.

I will have to noodle this image sharpening issue for a while, but I am not going to work on the next revision to the softbound version until June and I have either finished my SoFoBoMo project, or I have taken it as far as I could in the time alloted. Right now, it is not looking good to finish it in the time alloted. darn.

Best regards, Doug

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