Cultural perceptions

This is a follow up to yesterdays comments about my hiking about in the China Blizzard last January and observing the social conditions and making judgements as to the effects of the on-going changes.

This tiny little market and I think included a resturant (not sure) was not much to look at, and I did not think all that prosperous. But yet as you can see from my resulting photograph, they could get a nice laugh out of the strange looking Western who was out hiking in this awful weather. I know what I looked like a half hour later when I finally made it back to my hotel, a real mess. The little kid kept shouting “Hello” of which I keep repling “Ni hao”, until I relented with a good old fashion, “How ya doing” of which everyone starting laughing again. Probably had no clue to USA slang.

But the point is, they were direct, warm, open, cordial if not outright friendly. I did my best to try to capture that moment, but this is more of a personal photo for me than any that I am considering for my project. And if I think that the changes that are on-going to this society are bad, perhaps it is my perception, not theirs. But nevertheless, I feel that I need to photograph what I preceive and show it.

BTW this is also when my camera (Canon XTi) was as frozen as I was and intermintently shutting down and defaulting to some random settings. Really randome settings or sometimes outright stopped working. Thankfully it defaulted to a RAW settling this time and that allowed me to salvage this image, even as noisy as it is. If this was film, especially color transparency, it would have totally lost, a total gonner.

Best regards, Doug

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