Critical Mass rejects

Well on Tuesday afternoon I was not a happy camper. I received that bad news that I did not even make the first cut in my Critical Mass submission. Sigh.

You know that you are not doing well when you read the first line; If you are a Finalist, you should have received an email earlier today letting you know how to proceed. And this is the first notification you have. So if you want to see some names of those who made the first cut and double check that in fact I am not on the list, go here.

Then today I found over on Lenscratch that fellow C.M. rejectee Liz Kuball is putting together a CM reject show on her blog. Her call for (reject) enteries is here. So if you are licking your wounds and still glum, pop over to Liz’s place and provide her with one of your rejects, you just might feel better in the morning.

Best regards, Doug

BTW, I have feeling like I got booted off “Dancing with the Stars” after the first dance, or worse yet, during dress rehersal. And now, I am heading for Jimmy Kimmels show. So the phoenix will rise from the ashes;- )

And I still think that my series Re:Development is still great, I just did not connect with the right audience…

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