Artist Book Project PL – another step closer


Untitled (Custom made wood frame with cover attached) copyright 2013 Douglas Stockdale

It appears that I am getting closer and closer to the publication of Pine Lake, my artist book project. In a follow-up to yesterday’s post, the glue has dried and my cover is intact on my custom made wood frame. whohooo! Nevertheless I need to fine tune the glue application process as it could look a little more elegant when completed. Likewise, as I look at the above photo of the results, I also need to tap in the framing brads a little more.

Meanwhile, printing the top cover was a bit vexing, as the revised increase in size to accommodate the wrap around the case spine did not allow me to use my desk top printer. About 1/2″ toooo wide. sheese. So I fired up the Epson 4800 and after some tweaking of the paper size & feed, arrived at some nice results. Which until I am ready to publish this project, I used a very shallow depth of field to obscure the text in the photo.

As to the questions I posed yesterday, I think I have my answer for the ISBN. I posted this question on a couple of Facebook photobook groups and some great responses. Short answer is that an ISBN is probably good for a high volume trade book but not necessary for a small edition artist book like mine. Cool! No ISBN for Pine Lake.

So I continue to work on my other two open questions.

Meanwhile I still have a few more details to take care of, such as completing the development of a web page for this project, which is almost there. I still need a couple more images to add to help illustrate the project. I have started to reach out to a couple of specialty bookstores and I am organizing an pre-sales email blast to those who purchased my book Ciociaria who will get first dibs on purchasing this project.


Oh yeah, for those who are very inquisitive about this mysterious project, I am leaving more clues.


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