Orange County sunset


Untitled (241 tollroad, Orange County, CA) copyright 2013 Douglas Stockdale.

With the effort to complete my artist book Pine Lake, I have temporarily stopped work on my other projects. To the point that I realized that I have not really photographed a subject for a short while. So when I started a day-job project in Riverside County, I decided that I would defer to the use of my camera-phone, which provides some interesting slightly panoramic images, on the way there and back. This drive takes me on the local 241 toll road out of Orange County and up into the foothills and in one place provides a very nice big-picture view of most of Orange County and the edge of the Pacific ocean.

So this afternoon with some overcast weather coming in, I was treated to a nice sunset. I am still a sucker for these lyrical and poetic moments. That the camera did not get everything tack sharp would be to miss the point, eh? It works just fine for me.



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