Golf Photographs on the Duffer blog


Untitled (Shades) copyright 2014 Douglas Stockdale

One of my interests is playing golf, an interesting sport that I share with my kids and some of my buddies. Not that I do it well, but it’s usually been fun. Similarly I have also been considering some photographic projects that work with the golf landscape and I have posted here.

As a result of attempting to improve my golf game, I have started a golf blog, Duffer. Somewhat like this blog where I write about what I am photographing as a form of introspection that seems to focus me. Yep, pun intended.

So if you also enjoy golf, or golf photographs, check it out! From time to time when I am attempting to illustrate what I am doing with improving my golf game, I am going to try to investigate alternative realities as to what that might look like.


Doug (aka Tin Cup)


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