Sidewalk Superintendent

Sidewalk Superintendent (Acuto, Italy, 2010) copyright 2015 Douglas Stockdale Okay, where to start? This photograph was made while I was working on my Ciociaria project, but this image did not make the final edit into the photobook. Nevertheless, it has always intrigued me as this scene is just a little slice of urban life, almost universal... Continue Reading →

Book Fair participation

Me (photo by Wendy Hicks) at Duncan Miller gallery, Santa Monica, CA Yesterday afternoon was a fun and interesting event being a participant at the Duncan Miller gallery Photo Art Book Fair held in Santa Monica. Actually my first time as a "exhibitor", so thought I would share a little bit about this experience. First,... Continue Reading →

Douglas Stockdale – Ciociaria

Ciociaria copyright 2011 Douglas Stockdale & published by Edizioni Punctum (Punctum Press) I am really honored to be featured today on Matej Sitar's Tumblr page The Angry Bat (The Angry Bat's - nice photobooks) about my photobook Ciociaria. So check it out here. Thanks Matej! I appreciate that Ciociaria, an earlier photobook that investigates memory and its preservation, is getting... Continue Reading →

Photobook design

Ciociaria copyright 2011 Douglas Stockdale published by Edizioni Punctum I recently read a post from another photographer asking others if they have any regrets with a photobook that was published about their work. For me, three small details come to mind that I wish I could retrospectively tweak for my photobook Ciociaria. First I would like to have listed my website... Continue Reading →

OCCCA Exhibition catalog available

copyright the artists, 2013 published by Orange County Center for Contemporary Art (OCCCA) When I arrived at the OCCCA to pick up my framed photograph that was in the "Give Us Your Best Shot" exhibition, I found that an exhibition catalog was published and available. In due fashion, the catalog has the photographers listed alphabetically with... Continue Reading →

Morolo Italy – Industrial decay

Untitled (Morolo) 2010 copyright Douglas Stockdale Lately, I have veered away from the urban/industrial landscape in favor of things that are more ambiguous and tighter framed. Nevertheless, I have a ton of earlier work that pricked my soul and this abandoned industrial site, above, in particular. When driving to an assignment, I prefer to take... Continue Reading →

Mystical sorting hat

Untitled (Fiuggi Terme) copyright 2010 Douglas Stockdale I had noted this table and cover on the grounds of a hotel in Fiuggi Terme during most of the Summer it was covered with green leaves and people were enjoying a conversation in the shade. Later in the Fall, the leaves were gone and so were the... Continue Reading →

Live wire juxtaposition

Fiuggi Citta 2010 copyright Douglas Stockdale As I review the photographs from my project Ciociaria, I find myself thinking of Hiroshi Watanbe's "Findings", a project that was a compilation of photographs that he drew on from a diverse set of circumstances and conditions. There are a number of photographs from my Ciociaria project that I think will have a... Continue Reading →

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