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New Artist Book Title: The Flow of Light Brushes the Shadow by Douglas Stockdale

A big Thank You for all of you who pre-ordered this artist book and the smaller edition Artist Special Edition, it made this publication happen. Still on track for a Fall 2022 release and book shop orders are starting to trickle in. More updates on availability soon.

Book-dummy, cover, copyright 2022 Douglas Stockdale


The Flow of Light Brushes the Shadow investigates anxiety as a mental health condition. Anxiety is considered one of the most prevalent health conditions globally. It is an elusive and silent condition that affects an estimated 40 million adults in the U.S. and 284 million adults worldwide. Although anxiety has haunted Stockdale for his entire life, it has only recently come to light.

There are many forms and varieties of anxiety, and this project is Stockdale’s way to visualize and come to grips with how anxiety affects him when was traveling by himself extensively for his professional career.

Book Details:

Photographs: Douglas Stockdale, copyright 2022

Publication: Singular Images Press, copyright 2022

Stiff cover with translucent (vellum) French Folds: 8 x 6 inches, hand-sewn pamphlet stitch

52 Pages: color illustrates throughout (24 photographs) with double-gatefold section

Afterword: Tension in the Air by Douglas Stockdale, copyright 2022

Each book incorporates a signed archival pigment print

First edition

Artist Special Edition: Book + archival pigment print, signed & numbered, edition of 20 + 5 A/P (Sold Out)

Interior printing: Arizona Lithographic, Tucson, Arizona

Cover, interior printing, pamphlet stitch binding: Douglas Stockdale

Book concept, design and layout: Douglas Stockdale

Graphic design: Dawne Osborne, Deborah Davis Design

Copy editors: Wayne Swanson, Gerhard Clausing

Publisher: Singular Images Press, Rancho Santa Margarita, CA, USA

ISBN: 979-8-9862031-0-2 (will be published in September 2022)

List Price: Artist book, US $60.00

Artist book release: Fall 2022

Made in the U.S.A.

Message singularimagespress@gmail for shipping details and PayPal invoice.

Artist Special Edition (book + extra print): Not available. Pre-orders were made by San Telmo Museo (Spain) & Frick Fine Arts Library (University of Pittsburgh) for their (permanent) Special Collections.

Artist Special Edition: book + print, edition of 20 + 5 A/P – (update) Out of Print


Singular Images Press is currently featuring the self-published artist books by Douglas Stockdale, which include Middle Ground, Bluewater Shore and his photobook Ciociaria published by Edizioni Punctum (Rome, Italy), both in a trade edition and Fiuggi, a limited edition book + print.

To purchase, please send a message ( to initiate a PayPal invoice: US postage is $10 USD for all books, International postage is $20 USD for Middle Ground and Bluewater Shore, while Ciociaria is heavier and requires $40 USD for international shipping. California sales tax is applicable to all books sold within the United States.

Stockdale’s artist book Pine Lake, Cachi (Persimmons), Morolo, a limited edition Ciociaria book + print, and his Guide to Self-Publishing an Indie Book, a book commission for the 2019 Medium Photo Festival, are sold out and no longer available.

Singular Images Press is located in Southern California.


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Artist & photography books:

Middle Ground


Self-published, limited edition artist book, signed and numbered, leporello design. Edition size 99: $60.00 USD, plus shipping & CA taxes (US purchases).


Bluewater Shore

Bluewarter Shore artist book

Self-published, limited edition artist book, signed and numbered. Edition size 99 (a few still remaining): $45.00 USD plus shipping & CA taxes (US purchases).



Ciociaria SOVRACOPERTA.indd

Published by Edizioni Punctum, Rome, Italy; hardcover with dust jacket, 48 photographs with English & Italian text: $50.00 USD (signed), plus shipping & CA taxes (US purchases).


Fiuggi, Ciociaria, Limited Edition book + print


 Self-published Limited Edition book + print, signed and numbered.  Edition size 25 (a few still remaining): $125.00 USD, plus shipping & CA taxes (US purchases).


Book stores where Singular Images Press and Stockdale books are available include:

Arcana, Books of the Arts (Culver City, CA)

Grenade in a Jar (Santa Fe, NM)

Photo-eye book store (Santa Fe, NM)


The following Stockdale books are out of print and are no longer available:

Pine Lake, self-published artist book. Edition size 25

Cachi (Persimmons), Morolo, Ciociaria, Limited Edition  book + print, (self-published). Edition size 25

Guide to Self-Publishing an Indie Book (commission)

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