I have been published by Edizioni Punctum (Italy) as well as self-publishing three limited edition artist books, one of which is sold-out. I was commissioned to develop a how-to book on self-publishing, which is sold-out and no longer available.

My artist/photography books:



Middle Ground (self-published) limited edition artist book, leporello, edition size 99


Bluewarter Shore artist book

Bluewater Shore (self-published) limited edition artist book, edition size 99



Pine Lake (self-published) Sold-out (edition size 25)


Ciociaria SOVRACOPERTA.indd

Ciociaria (published by Edizioni Punctum, Rome, Italy); hardcover with dust jacket, 48 photographs with English & Italian text



Ciociaria Limited Edition Fiuggi, Italy book + print set, (self-published Limited Edition book + print), edition size 25



Ciociaria Limited Edition Cachi (Persimmons), Morolo, Italy book + print set, (self-published Limited Edition book + print), edition size 25 – Sold-out



Guide to Self-Publishing an Indie Book (self-published, commissioned) Sold-out


Book stores where my books are available include:

Arcana, Books of the Arts (Culver City, CA)

Grenade in a Jar (Santa Fe, NM)

Photo-eye book store (Santa Fe, NM)


Do you need help with self-publishing a book, preparing for a Portfolio Review or preparing a gallery submission? Whether it is developing a book concept, editing a large archive or fine tuning a final edit, sequencing a narrative, designing a creative book, developing a book layout, or help coordinating the printing and binding; contact me and lets talk about how I can help you move your project forward, fine tune a portfolio for a review or a publication submission:

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