Lest I Forget – New Direction

Tracks copyright 2016 Douglas Stockdale Earlier this month I had a mini-exhibit at Photo Independent and subsequently posted that due to some really good feedback, that I was going to radically alter one of my in-process projects. So a little bit about that today, not that I have everything figured out, but that I have... Continue Reading →


Revising Black and White Conversion workflow

Camino Capistrano, San Juan Capistrano, California, 2016 copyright Douglas Stockdale In my last post discussing my evaluation of a new work flow for Photoshop CC, what was implied, but not really stated was that one of the key CC attributes under evaluation was the conversion of my color digital photographic files to Black and White... Continue Reading →

Refocusing a project

Morning Shadow, Denverton, California, 2007 copyright Douglas Stockdale Following up on yesterday's post perhaps a little more about how this project has come back full circle to a Black & White portfolio. As a project, this series of roadside memorials was starting to get a little traction in 2008 and I felt it had potential to... Continue Reading →

In Passing – Lest I Forget

Randy, Route 179, Nevada, copyright Douglas Stockdale Reading the recent October issue of PDN magazine, which is their annual photobook issue, I found myself thinking back to my real first photographic project, a series of roadside memorials. As a quick recap, it was a series that I became very fascinated by in late in 2006. This... Continue Reading →

Book Fair participation

Me (photo by Wendy Hicks) at Duncan Miller gallery, Santa Monica, CA Yesterday afternoon was a fun and interesting event being a participant at the Duncan Miller gallery Photo Art Book Fair held in Santa Monica. Actually my first time as a "exhibitor", so thought I would share a little bit about this experience. First,... Continue Reading →

Winter Field

Winter Field copyright Douglas Stockdale & text copyright Brooks Jensen, publisher of LensWork magazine Published on the blog LensWork Daily "Looking at Images" by Brooks Jensen This image comes from a portfolio that consists of photographs of roadside memorials and crosses, each a marker indicating a sad story. I love the way Stockdale has emphasized... Continue Reading →

Lest I Forget – Ferentino Italy

Ferentino, Italy copyright 2012 Douglas Stockdale The attempt to preserve memories is more prevalent in Italy than I earlier thought. They can be very subtle and difficult to discern, but this one in Ferentino was very obvious.

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