Trubuco Canyon memorial

Trubuco Canyon, CA-241 copyright 2011 Douglas Stockdale Ephemeral: transitory, lasting for only a short period of time and leaving no permanent trace

Memories – changing over time

Cheshire England, January 2012 copyright Douglas Stockdale I continue to be intrigued by the various facets of memory and one that seems the most futile and vexing is the preservation of a memory. Sometimes no matter how hard I attempt to hold on to it, a memory can be elusive and like the fog, slips too... Continue Reading →

In Passing – an Aftermath project

CA-241 Tollroad, Coto de Coza, California Copyright 2011 Douglas Stockdale Some may call it serendipity, while Christians would say that this is the quiet voice of the Lord, but an odd chain of events started this last Saturday when I received a unsolicted photobook, Afterwards, edited by Nathalie Herschdorfer,  for a potential review on my blog The PhotoBook. As I stated... Continue Reading →

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