Terry – a winter roadside memorial on Indiana Route 30

Terry, Indiana Route 30 (In Passing: Lest I Forget #2108) solar cyanotype + Prismacolor pencil, copyright 2007/2023 Douglas Stockdale –

This is the fourth of five of my In Passing: Lest I Forget series that I have printed as a cyanotype and subsequently hand-colored with Prismacolor pencils. At the moment, my immediate goal for my cyanotypes is to print the various series that I want to investigate as cyanotypes in groups of five. If nothing else, to provide me with some subject depth as I continue to investigate this medium for my lens-based artwork.

This is where I admit that in making this particular print a number of things went sideways, thus resulting in a very unique print. I had some issues with the cyanotype coated watercolor cotton rag from the Cyanotype Store. After exposure, it was failing to sufficiently ‘clear’ the cyanotype chemicals and for some reason, even with my normal Dmax exposure I ended up with an underexposed print. After talking with Susan Flores who owns the Cyanotype Store, I gave this print a second low pH water wash, doubling the development time. This did clear most of the adjacent chemicals and eliminate a yellow stain, while also washing out the color of the entire print, lowering the contrast even more. sigh.

Since I had intended to hand color this cyanotype image anyhow, it was a really good opportunity to practice my skills on the entire print. I will had to say that rephotographing this print and providing a low resolution image for this post does not do it any favors as to illustrating the details. This was a quick backyard photo and I probably need to set up the studio lights and for a do-over. I am noticing that when I photograph these softer image watercolor prints, my Canon 5DMk3 has a slight amount of trouble focusing on the print surface. The resulting cyanotype looks a bit sharper than what I see on my monitor now.

I had been thinking about printing some winter subjects as my next cyanotype printing project, so this was a nice practice for what’s ahead.

Featured artwork: Terry, Indiana Route 30 (In Passing: Lest I Forget #2108), solar cyanotype + Prismacolor pencil, unique handcolor, 8 x 10″ image on a 11 x 14″ sheet of 100 lb watercolor cotton rag.

Cheers & make every day an Earth Day


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