Pigment ink transfer print

Untitled ( #021923) copyright Douglas Stockdale 2023 –

I have started experimenting with a pigment ink transfer process to create some interesting and probably best described as abstract artwork. Looking at the final print, above, it would be difficult to know what the photographic subject was that I was stating with as it has little resemblance to my original image.

I have created a number of these ink transfers, while this is the first one that I have decided to keep. At the moment, it is “untitled”, while it does have some visual elements of a starry night.

This set of experiments originally came-about as a result of a happy accident; while attempting to print a digital negative for my solar cyanotype prints, I inadvertently printed the wrong side of the OHP (OverHead Projection) film. One side of this type of film is treated for inkjet pigment ink, while the other side is not. When printing on the wrong side of this film, the ink just sits on top and to avoid an inky mess, I need to wipe the ink off. Which is what I had been doing until recently; instead, knowing that the ink is meant for an inkjet paper, when I made this mistake again, I created a transfer print using a sheet of ink jet paper.

To be honest, creating these prints I don’t think will be my artistic focus for a while, but when the outside conditions are not idea for solar cyanotype printing, staying in the studio to experiment with this ink transfer process is an intriguing idea. This creative printing idea has captured my curiosity, especially when I did some checking on the internet, I was unable to find anyone who is using this process to create art. Probably someone is out there using this method, but I have not found them yet. So I will post this image in the Alternative Photography group on Facebook and see who responds.

Btw, once the ink quickly dries on the ink jet paper, then it appears that it would be easy to work on the image further, but that also means experimenting on various ink jet paper (or watercolor rag) to have a medium that is more conducive to hand coloring and painting. This black and white ink transfer, above, is on a large sheet of Epson Ultra Premium Luster, which does not take the prismacolor pencil pigment very well. So I know I have some more experimenting to do in order to figure out this process. Fun, fun, fun!

Cheers & make every day an Earth Day


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