Photographing with a purpose

Copyright 2008 Douglas Stockdale I have been looking at the photographs that I made in 2008 for my project Places in Between, which in retrospect was not all that well thought out. It was part of SoFoBoMo, so I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted to photograph, but the concept was not... Continue Reading →

SoFoBoMo 2011 dates announced

Copyright Douglas Stockdale I just received an update from Colin Jago that SoFoBoMo 2011 dates have been announced for the 2011 event: July 1 through August 31st. I also posted a brief announcement on The PhotoBook, so some more information available there as well. In a case of rust remover for those not familiar with... Continue Reading →

Waiting for the studio furniture

When we decided to put new flooring down in the studio, we also realized that we needed more individual working space. So we ordered some more furniture, which meant that everything did not go back into place after we had the new flooring installed. Because why load things into the existing stuff that is going to be... Continue Reading →

New Studio flooring

Not much to write about at the moment. I am in the middle of installing new flooring in the studio, in preperation for the larger format printer that I have been considering. And as one thing leads to another, this little wood flooring project is being immediately followed up with carpets for the house, because now... Continue Reading →

Blurb – BookSmart 2.0 & 12×12″

I received a heads-up from the Blurb PR folks that they were going to announce a new update on their free book-making software BookSmart. From the press release, it appears to have some of the attributes of InDesign, with added customization capabilities. Wish I could say more, but the Blurb site is a bit slow in running for the... Continue Reading →

Andy Goldsworthy and SoFoBoMo 2009

When I signed up for SoFoBoMo 2009, I had no idea what my photographic project was going to be. So it was a DaDa moment and I just arbitrarily made up a weird title as a place holder. Hopefully no harm done, eh? And perhaps today is a convergence of ongoing thoughts and random occurrences.... Continue Reading →

Photograhic POD Book Workshop in Portland

Laural Russel at 23 Sandy Gallery in Portland, Oregon, has just formally announced my workshop for Developing a Photographic Print on Demand (POD) Book, which will be a one-day workshop on Sunday, March 15th at her gallery. You can find out more information about the workshop and complete the registration here. It should be a lot... Continue Reading →

New Year Goals – 2009

At the beginning of the year, it seems like it is always a nice idea to think ahead about what you might want to try to accomplish and establish some goals. Being a project guy, I find if you have at least a idea of where you want to go, you usually have a better... Continue Reading →

SoFoBoMo 2009

The fuzzy month for SoFoBoMo 2009 have been selected, which will allow for the 30 days of maddness to occur between the begining of May until the end of June, 2009. So I have some time to think if I will join in this year, probably depending on a suitable series that has my attention at... Continue Reading →

Sharpening for POD printing

Just a quick update. While I was preparing my workshop materials for the pending POD (Print on Demand) class in Portland, I was reviewing some of my earlier postings about creating a POD book. And then I received a call from Laura Russel about my book,  Sharpening Photographs for Blurb Printing. You may not know that I wrote... Continue Reading →

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