Blurb – BookSmart 2.0 & 12×12″

I received a heads-up from the Blurb PR folks that they were going to announce a new update on their free book-making software BookSmart. From the press release, it appears to have some of the attributes of InDesign, with added customization capabilities.

Wish I could say more, but the Blurb site is a bit slow in running for the download, as it usually stalls out at 80% download for me. So after three failed attempts, I’ll try again later tonight, or wait for the Lakers & Magic game on Thursday evening.

Blurb now has a new book format, a 12 x 12″ which might be of interest to the Hasselblad shooters or anyone else using the 6 x 6 cm square film format (not exactlly a digital format, eh?). I was kinda hoping for a larger horizontal than their current 11 x 13″, perhaps stretching it out to 11 x 14″, so it might fit in some standard size folio cases, etc. That would make a heck of a lot more sense to ME, but nobody was asking. Okay, a 12 x 12″ format is NOT exciting for me. Unless I dust off the Hasselblad and buy that 50mm lens that I feel that I need to create those open spacial relationships that I have been leaning towards lately.

But this updated BookSmart version may be of interest especially to those working their SoFoBoMo book projects. Unless of course you completed yourSoFoBoMo in May, then the groanner of re-doing it on the new software, but it very well may worth the effort. Okay, they must HAVE known about SoFoBoMo, so why did they wait to release it for only those June procrastinators get to use it??

I hope to get it downloaded and perhaps share some thoughts, sometime soon I hope.

Best regards, Doug

2 thoughts on “Blurb – BookSmart 2.0 & 12×12″

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  1. What would be nice would be if they’ve revised the software so that it could be used to generate a PDF ‘draft’ that could be uploaded to as well as ordering hard copies from

    Or modified it so that it could import PDF books that were formatted to fit one of the Blurb standard sizes.

  2. Paul, I agree on both, but saddly I don’t think that the first works with their business model.

    It would be really nice to import PDFs or InDesign without any issues.

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