Christmas card photo – 2019

The holiday season is upon us again and is time for me to choose a photograph for our annal Christmas Card & Season's Greetings. Last year I found a really nice photograph for our Christmas card that I had captured when we were earlier in Vail Colorado that seemed well suited, and which was well... Continue Reading →

Annual Christmas card rite – 2018

Vail, Sandstone Creek, February 2018, copyright Douglas Stockdale It is the time of year to send out the Holiday cards, which for us is a Merry Christmas (greeting) card that also includes the best wishes for the New Year. So spoiler alert, our photo this year is not the one above. Rather this photograph was... Continue Reading →

Middle Ground – Published

Middle Ground, self-published artist book, edition of 99 copyright 2018 Douglas Stockdale Last weekend the publication of the Middle Ground edition was finally completed! Binding the¬†of 99 artist books took a bit longer than I had anticipated, to say the least. Introduction (text not provided in the artist book): My urban landscape project Middle Ground... Continue Reading →

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

Christmas Wreath 2016 copyright Douglas Stockdale First, wishing all of you and your families a wonderful and joy filled Christmas and Holiday Season. Yes, time to create another Christmas card and this year, since I did not create a wonderful¬†Christmas (card) image in Santa Fe last month (& not for a lack of trying), I... Continue Reading →

2015 Christmas Card

Untitled (La Heutte, Switzerland, 2005) copyright Douglas Stockdale Since my family and I celebrate Christmas, one of my holiday traditions is to design, produce and address the Christmas Cards. And of course the center piece for the card is the Christmas photograph. It has been our practice to not include photographs of ourselves, but rather... Continue Reading →

Picture Postcards

Untitled (MingXinPian #0984) copyright Douglas Stockdale This is a long term and a slowly developing project that I have worked on intermittently these past years. For this photograph I am investigating a feeling about a state of decline or decay. I recently had an opportunity to show this photographic print in conjunction with five similar... Continue Reading →

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