In Passing: Lest I Forget

Randy‘ Nevada Route 157 (In Passing: Lest I Forget #1954) solar cyanotype + Prismacolor pencil, copyright 2007/2023 Douglas Stockdale –

While writing about my earlier series of roadside memorials, I recalled that I had yet another name for this series, Lest I Forget, which is written on one of the memorials I found while driving in Nevada. I will have to admit that for me one of the benefits of writing this art blog is that it gets the wheels rolling. In this case, what might be a really good working title that could eventually become a book title. So the ta-daaa moment was that I could jam a couple of my working titles together as I have done in the past.

First idea yesterday afternoon was: In Passing: Roadside Remembrance. Still finding the ‘Roadside Remembrance’ to be a little bit too literal. When I recalled the other working title of Lest I Forget, it was like the lights went on; In Passing: Lest I Forget. Yes!

Next is to create a cyanotype of the roadside memorial that includes the hand written Lest I Forget to include in this revised blue portfolio.

I also want to allow some time to let this latest working title of In Passing: Lest I Forget to sink in before I find myself going back to modify the many past articles I have written about this series over the span of almost eighteen years. Yikes! That’s quite a few years for this series to be lingering around and not have final closure with a published (artist) book. But then again, why rush? I really think that printing this series using the cyanotype process and subsequently hand-coloring may bring this series to a closure yet.

Featured artwork: Randy, Nevada Route 179 (In Passing: Lest I Forget #1954), solar cyanotype + Prismacolor pencil, unique, 8 x 10″ image on a 11 x 14″ sheet of 100 lb watercolor rag.

Cheers & make every day an Earth Day


Btw, I still find myself bouncing between the two working titles for this series; In Passingand Roadside Remembrance. The title In Passing has that double entendre thing working for it and more vague, while Roadside Remembrance is a lot more direct and literal. There I go again; Artistic versus Engineer. sigh. It does not help that Maureen who came up with the In Passing title also passed away recently, so another personal layer for the working title In Passing. A good reason to return to that earlier working title of In Passing, eh?


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