Bluewater Shore – Next steps to self-publish

Show-offs! (Bluewater Shore) 2017 copyright Douglas Stockdale Since my last update on the development of my limited edition photobook Bluewater Shore, I continue to be very busy with getting the printing completed at Dual Graphics, starting the pre-publication selling, arranging for books reviews and making pitches to some select book shops to stock and sell... Continue Reading →

Bluewater Shore artist book update

Bluewater Shore copyright 2017 Douglas Stockdale So if life is not crazy enough, I might be also looking to self-publish in 2017 my photobook Bluewater Shore, the second in my series of Holiday Snaps project (the first being Pine Lake). Honestly, this project took a little holiday when (1) it took a lot of energy... Continue Reading →

New Year – 2014

untitled (working title: Bluewater Shore) copyright 2014 Douglas Stockdale At the beginning of the year I like to think about what I might accomplish for the coming year, with this being more of a bunch of loose-goosey planing objectives. Having worked in corporate for tooo many years, I know how rigid and constricting a plan... Continue Reading →

Artist Book Project PL – update

Untitled (Interior of custom made wood frame) copyright 2013 Douglas Stockdale Back in August, I thought that I was posting the most boring photograph about Pine Lake, my artist book project, which I had taken to call by a code name: PL. Perhaps in first glance that appears even MORE boring, but I beg to... Continue Reading →

Artist Book Project PL

untitled (belt & suspenders - book dummy 1) by Douglas Stockdale Well this ought to be the most boring photograph that I have or maybe ever will post. This year my summer photographic project has been very interesting; to self-publish a limited edition (photographic) artist book. Actually a very fun project without dead lines while... Continue Reading →

ANSCO – Snapfolio

ANSCO Snapfolio booklet cover I was aware of the Kodak processing promotional booklets, but until recently, I was not aware that ANSCO, their film processing competitor in the 1950's and 60's, had a similar film processing promotion.  That was until I was sorting through my Grandmother's family photo collection that had been passed down to... Continue Reading →

Chugging along

untitled (Kapalua, Maui) copyright 2013, Douglas Stockdale. It seems like I have a bunch of balls in the air at the moment, nothing final to report, just that I am moving forward and hopefully making some progress. My Gardening for Ordinance project is on a temporary hold while I gain some confidence in asking some... Continue Reading →

Kodak processing booklets

untitled (Charlene, Phoenix, 1955) copyright Douglas Stockdale While working on my SNAPS project, I have been evaluation some photographs that are still in their original Kodak processing folders or booklets. If I recall, Kodak was providing these booklets as a bonus with a set of the larger prints. I notice that for these Kodak booklets,... Continue Reading →

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