Kodak processing booklets


untitled (Charlene, Phoenix, 1955) copyright Douglas Stockdale

While working on my SNAPS project, I have been evaluation some photographs that are still in their original Kodak processing folders or booklets. If I recall, Kodak was providing these booklets as a bonus with a set of the larger prints.

I notice that for these Kodak booklets, the enclosed photographs within the stiff covers have the same scalloped outside edges on all four sides and the top side of the photograph is still attached to the booklet’s spine, but perforated to easily detach without tearing the photograph in the process. The perforation appears to be more of a punch-out that leaves a narrow piece of paper still holding the photograph in place, versus a roller perforation that is common today..

So as I work on the SNAPS project, I am beginning to think about recreating a faux Kodak film booklet as a variation. For the SNAPS concept, I am investigating the fragmented memories of a vacation road trip Out West. Nevertheless I have collected two other lesser bodies of work that investigate this same theme about incomplete memory; one is a weekend get-away to the shore and the other is more of a guy’s fishing trip (Gone Fish’en).
Trouble is that I don’t want to really deconstruct one of these booklets to figure out the details, but I think upon close examination, I can obtain enough information to create a close approximation. I do have some artistic license in this process, don’t you know!



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