Curator – Water & Ice exhibition

untitled, (Trabuco Flats), 2018 copyright Douglas Stockdale I just curated an on-line exhibition, "Water & Ice", for the Photographers Exchange, a group of photographers who meet monthly at the Irvine Fine Arts Center, Irvine, California. I strived to have a broad and interesting mix of contemporary and modern images for this rather broad genre of... Continue Reading →

The path to Trabuco Flats

Untitled, Trabuco Flats 2018 copyright Douglas Stockdale Although I am spending more time with working on "straight" photographs for my Trabuco Flats project I continue to experimental/play with some of the images. Not entirely giving up on how I might incorporate some abstracted images into this project, but exactly how I do it is not... Continue Reading →

My Path to Somewhere

Untitled (Gardening for Ordnance) 2018 copyright Douglas Stockdale First the good news; I have the Hasselblad back and I am resuming my photographic adventures with film again. The image with this post, untitled at the moment, is from the first roll for a camera/lens check as my first opportunity to test my used 120 mm... Continue Reading →

Late January 2018 photo updates

Arroyo Trabuco trail, December* 2017 copyright Douglas Stockdale In addition to my new routine of morning walks during which I venture into the adjacent arroyo, back in the studio I have continued to work on my Middle Ground project. At the moment the Middle Ground project is not going include any black & white images... Continue Reading →

Morning walk to the double arches

Tijeras Creek trail, December* 2017 copyright Douglas Stockdale First off, I hope you were not thinking that I was including in my morning walks a visit to McDonald's, as I have enough troubles with shedding the last few pounds, least I indulge in a quarter-pounder with cheese. Sorry, although I don't want to offend any... Continue Reading →

Day seven of Black & White Challenge

Arroyo Trabuco trail, Orange County, December 2017 copyright Douglas Stockdale This is the last day for the Seven Day Black & White Challenge, as if I was not going to create anymore black and white photographs again. yuk, yuk. I think that it was an opportunity to experiment a bit with some images that perhaps... Continue Reading →

Black & White Challenge: Day six abstraction

Untitled (Arroyo Trabuco Trail) December* 2017 copyright Douglas Stockdale Today I am posting the sixth day of my current Black & White Challenge. This image was created more in line with my experimentation/fun paradigm. First part is the photograph I made on the trail during my walk (hint, the still water was providing too accurate... Continue Reading →

Black & White Challenge; Day five

Tijeras Creek trail, December 2017* copyright Douglas Stockdale Captured on a day at the end of December last year as I began to experiment and play with the walks I was starting to embark on. Thought this might make a nice transition in my seven day Black & White Challenge from the beach back onto... Continue Reading →

Rainy day puddle reflections

Rain Puddle, Rancho Santa Margarita, January* 2018 copyright Douglas Stockdale Puddle reflections, like window reflections, can be fascinating. The viewer is both looking in as well as looking beyond, a bit of found surrealism. With window reflections, the overlaying image is usually behind the photographer, thus a interesting potential metaphor about the "past". In this... Continue Reading →

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