Cyanotype: Squishing the digital negative tonal range

Sunny days; cyanotype printing weather! And I continue to learn a little bit more about the Cyanotype printing process, in this case, deviling deeper into the weeds regarding the making of a digital negative for contact printing. When I recently obtained Christina Anderson's book on Gum Printing, this book purchase was about obtaining more information... Continue Reading →

Watercolor paint and pencils over Cyanotype

Surf-Rider I (2017), watercolor over Cyanotype, copyright Douglas Stockdale 2022 - This is now my final version using watercolor paint and watercolor pencils over my Surf-Rider I cyanotype. As I posted previously with the addition of the Magenta and Yellow, the last potential paint color to add will be a 'black' to complete the CMYK... Continue Reading →

Watercolor over Cyanotype – Yellow

One of the aspects of alternative photography when using Cyanotypes is the potential for layering on additional colors using a Gum Bichromate contact printing process. This requires multiple digital negatives, getting these negatives into exact registration when printing each color (and if you don't: Opps!), a lot more chemistry and coating paper in conjunction with... Continue Reading →

Alternative Photography – Contact Printing

I have been experimenting with 'solar' printing as an investigation into what is broadly termed 'alternative photography', which is essentially the photographic printing methods of the mid to late 1800's. Versus experimenting with A.I. (Alternative Reality), the latest controversial art creation methodology (what I think of as the 2022 version of the controversy of using... Continue Reading →

Wedding book in the making…

As I had mentioned in my last post, in mid-October my son Chad and his wonderful girlfriend Marnie tied the marriage knot in a destination wedding at Bandon on the coast of Oregon. As you might imagine, a bit more of an unconventional ceremony overlooking the Pacific Ocean which was a beautiful event. We were... Continue Reading →

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