UV Lightbox for Cyanotype printing

UV Lightbox, 2023 Douglas Stockdale - For the past nine months I was committed to use solar printing for my cyanotypes...which was okay until it wasn't. I have been sitting on my hands for almost all of May due to clouds (affectionally known as May-Gray here in Southern California), and already sensing the pending Southern... Continue Reading →

The Darkroom – Film processing service

Untitled (Entanglement #2) expired (1983) Illford FP4, photographed May 2023 copyright Douglas Stockdale – In my last article I discussed how using really, really expired 40 year old film might create some unexpected outcomes. In my tech notes, what I did not state was that this roll of black and white film was processed by... Continue Reading →

Expired B&W film – more unexpected outcomes

Illford FP4, expired June 1983, photographed May 2023 copyright Douglas Stockdale - When I recently wrote about embracing unexpected outcomes with my expired film, the photograph I featured was from a roll of very old 120 FujiChrome 100F. A recently used roll of Illford Black and White 120 FP4 film that I exposed earlier this... Continue Reading →


Untitled (Camouflage) expired 120 film, solar cyanotype, 2023 copyright Douglas Stockdale - Camouflage is used by the military with any combination of materials, coloration, or illumination for concealment. Also it is a process to hide by making objects hard to see, or disguising them as something else, to blend into the surroundings. A continuation of my... Continue Reading →


Untitled (Entanglement), Solar Cyanotype, Expired film, 2023 copyright Douglas Stockdale - Asking the question: Can a multi-decade old, decommissioned WWII/Korean War practice bombing range be representative of historical social issues that are current today in America? I have started to investigate this question using both expired 120 film and solar cyanotype prints. The expired (120)... Continue Reading →

Evaluating cinematic cyanotype landscapes

California Sycamore, Fall (#2399) copyright 2007/2023 Douglas Stockdale - When I started experimenting with making solar cyanotypes last year, I somewhat arbitrarily started printing on an 11 x 14" sheet of rag, since the 11 x 14" printing frame was relatively inexpensive, a pre-coated 11 x 14" cyanotype paper was easily available and using a... Continue Reading →

Into the Woods…

California Sycamore, Spring, Fog (Into the Woods), 2007/2023 copyright Douglas Stockdale - When I first encountered the very old California Sycamore trees in Trabuco Arroyo that runs thru O'Neill Park, I found that it was kinda of strange in how these trees over the years and years essentially have 'laid down', but then keep extending... Continue Reading →

Expired film – embracing unexpected outcomes

Untitled (Gardening For Ordnance series) 2023 copyright Douglas Stockdale - A couple of days ago, I wrote an article about the need to embrace unexpected outcomes when solar printing cyanotype prints. So imagine my surprise when last night I obtained the film scan results from a lens test while using some of last reserves of... Continue Reading →

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