Sold Out: Artist Special Edition – The Flow of Light Brushes the Shadow

Artist Special Edition, artist book + extra print (Sold Out) copyright 2022 Douglas Stockdale – Happy Artist! As my publication self-funding campaign has come to a close yesterday, I happy to announce that the Artist Special Edition, artist book + extra print, for  The Flow of Light Brushes the Shadow has Sold Out (with a tiny little... Continue Reading →

Quantum Elements: art & science

Fresnel Coefficients #5601, Quantum Elements 2020 copyright Douglas Stockdale – Now that we are able to see the amazing photographs of the universe being captured by the James Webb space telescope, who cannot be blown out of their chairs? Wow! Even though I am trying to stay focused on the pre-launch activities of my new artist... Continue Reading →

Hybrid Artist Book

Litho interior text block and Printers sample copyright 2022 Douglas Stockdale – My next artist book is an interesting meld of commercial printing and personal printing that when assembled will create a hybrid artist book. Part of this book will be hand-made (cover and one interior page spread) while incorporating aspects of commercial printing; what I consider... Continue Reading →

Count Down

The Flow of Light Brushes the Shadow, artist book copyright 2022 Douglas Stockdale – Final pre-order count down begins. Two weeks left to pre-order my artist book, The Flow of Light Brushes the Shadow that investigate travel anxiety. Still time to snag one of these beauties, get a discounted price and see your name in the... Continue Reading →

Eyes wide open

Bike Path, O'Neill Park copyright 2022 Douglas Stockdale – Today I have a new-to-me (slightly used) 28mm f/1.8 Canon lens for my 5DMk3, which I took on my walk this morning to look again at the decommissioned WWII/Korean War landscape I live on. For a number of reasons. For my project Gardening for Ordnance, I have been... Continue Reading →

Decaf coffee conversion? NOT Yet!

Amsterdam coffee, what remains copyright 2012 Douglas Stockdale – I am finally dealing with my elevated blood pressure and evaluating ways to lower it into the 'normal' range for a guy of my 'young' age. The doc's and various med websites have a ton of advice on what to do as well as what to avoid. So... Continue Reading →

Exploding Military Ordnance?

Metaphoric detonation, Trabuco Bombing Range copyright 2022 Douglas Stockdale – One of my unanswered questions while working on my project, Gardening For Ordnance, is what might it look like if one of the many various buried bombs, known as Unexploded Ordnance (UXO), were to magically detonate in front of me. What might that look like? That... Continue Reading →

Unintended Consequences

Warning signs, America copyright 2022 Douglas Stockdale – Wow, I think that the Gasoline companies and their distributors really stepped on their own dicks this time in their unrestrained efforts to maximize profits on the sale of gas. As a result of their unreasonable money grab in the price of gas they have created a huge... Continue Reading →

Walking Arroyo Trabuco again

Arroyo Trabuco #080730 copyright 2022 Douglas Stockdale - Extending my morning walks to include some time adjacent to, as well as, time inside the Arroyo Trabuco here in Orange County. Time to think about how my project Gardening For Ordnance will proceed...and the additional exercise will not hurt me. Cheers & make every day an... Continue Reading →

Poetic Space

Trabuco Arroyo, Summer – copyright 2022 Douglas Stockdale – Back walking the Trabuco Arroyo again this morning, this time with slightly different camera equipment. This is about the same place that I featured in my previous article about needing someplace to unwind with what tragic decisions were made by America's "Supreme" Court. Just a slightly different perspective that... Continue Reading →

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