Flat art copying with color management

One of the vexing aspects of printing on the Hahnemuhle Rag Metallic papers is the resulting print does not look exactly like the digital image on a monitor (or what I can share on this photo-blog). For me this is further confounded when I am using some of the Metallic paper as a pseudo mat,... Continue Reading →

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Fabrik Projects – Holiday Group Exhibiton

I am very happy to announce that five of my Memory Pods photographs have been selected by Fabrik Projects gallery for their¬†Holiday Group Exhibition, which runs from December 17, 2019 thru January 4th, 2020. The Fabrik Projects goal for this exhibition is to provide affordable art for the holidays at $500 or less per framed... Continue Reading →


How effective is Social Media for an Artist?

I have been wondering a lot about the relevances of social media for myself and other artists, and perhaps more specifically about staying on Facebook/Instagram. First, the basic question, why use social media (e.g. Facebook/Instagram, Twitter, etc) by an artist? For an established artist who has multiple galleries that represent them, constant demand for exhibitions,... Continue Reading →

Gardening For Ordnance in Orange County

In response to my last post, my friend Gerry Clausing sent me his tweaked-out version of the photograph I had featured. He had pushed the color palette well into the hyper warmer colors and essentially make the foreground field an electric orange, "since this project was placed in Orange County" (California). Actually I like his... Continue Reading →

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