Wedding book in the making…

As I had mentioned in my last post, in mid-October my son Chad and his wonderful girlfriend Marnie tied the marriage knot in a destination wedding at Bandon on the coast of Oregon. As you might imagine, a bit more of an unconventional ceremony overlooking the Pacific Ocean which was a beautiful event. We were... Continue Reading →

Surf-Rider I – Cyanotype series

Surf-Rider l (San Clemente, #100005) copyright 2017 Douglas Stockdale – We just returned from a short vacation in which my son was married on the bluffs in Bandon (OR) overlooking the Pacific Ocean. More about that in another post, but while on this trip, I had been 'pre-visualizing' my first Cyanotype print using a digital negative.... Continue Reading →

Zen Meditation moment

Trabuco Creek, October copyright 2022 Douglas Stockdale – A little botanical zen composition that I saw during my morning walk today...nice moment to watch the water flow past this point. This was a follow-up canyon wilderness walk that I completed late last week. Post surgery and able to actually walk down into the adjacent O'Neill wilderness... Continue Reading →

First Cyanotype experiment

Memory Pods, blue (Cyanotype) copyright 2022 Douglas Stockdale - My first experiment with Cyanotypes is now complete. Only a week late for World Cyanotype Day. This is the most basic version of a cyanotype that harkens back to the earliest versions by Anna Atkins and very fittingly, the first book of photographs using Cyanotypes in... Continue Reading →

Getting back on the trail again…

Freshwater Crayfish, Southern California copyright 2022 Douglas Stockdale – Today was a minor good health celebration; I was able to venture into the adjacent wilderness park without an health consequences. Which was not the case before my surgery; even walking up a couple of flights of stairs was creating immediate and substantial health issues. My advice,... Continue Reading →

World Cyanotype Day

Anthropogenic Crisis #085829 copyright 2021 Douglas Stockdale – Today is World Cyanotype Day, which is an alternative photographic process that I have been contemplating, in conjunction with Platinum and Gum Bichromate printing. So perhaps that this is a fitting day to jump into this artistic pool. I won't be making a cyanotype print today as I just... Continue Reading →

Artist Book Soft Launch Day

This morning I was off to the post office as the unofficial but perhaps official soft launch of my artist book, The Flow of Light Brushes the Shadow. Which will probably make tomorrow's post office run Day 2 of the unofficial/official soft launch of my artist book. Yesterday while working on the packing and shipping... Continue Reading →

Artist book prep Sunday

Today is shipping prep day for what may turn out as an unofficial book launch tomorrow of my artist book, The Flow of Light Brushes the Shadow. Regretfully I do not have any book signing events planned or exhibitions of the artwork. The books above were all pre-ordered in my lead-up to the publication of... Continue Reading →

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