Beach humor

San Clemente beach, copyright 2022 Douglas Stockdale - So an interesting thing happened while I was at the Beach working on a fun brainless photo project; while composing a photograph of two individuals reading their books, a young lady walked by and I caught the guy noticing her. He was sitting a bit back further... Continue Reading →

Featured on One Twelve today

The Flow of Light Brushes the Shadow, pages 38 - 39, Copyright Douglas Stockdale – I am honored to be featured on One Twelve today with an interview by Diane Nicholette Jeon in a wonderful discussion about my new artist book, The Flow of Light Brushes the Shadow. She states "Stockdale takes us along with him... Continue Reading →

SoCal Monsoon

California Monsoon, Anthropogenic Crisis #8289 copyright 2022 Douglas Stockdale - It is really convenient when Mother Nature brings a monsoon storm right to your back yard and provides me with an opportunity to work on one of my many projects, Anthropogenic Crisis. This is my ongoing investigation of the continuing climate crisis and a series... Continue Reading →

Book review on PhotoBook Journal

PhotoBook Journal; artist book review Wow, I was really blown away by the review of my artist book by Rudy Vega that was published yesterday on PhotoBook Journal. His introduction: In The Flow of Light Brushes the Shadow, Douglas Stockdale has produced an artist book which sets out to visually articulate his anxiety felt as a... Continue Reading →

Cyanotype versus Prussian Blue gum print

Anthropogenic Crisis #065425 copyright 2021 Douglas Stockdale – In between printing the interior pages of my new artist book, I have a pdf open regarding the basics of gum bichromate printing that I read while the printer hums along. In thinking about the gum printing, I was initially intrigued with the process of printing an initial platinum-palladium... Continue Reading →

SDSU Library acquiring Artist Special Edition

Fiuggi, Italy, Nightscape (The Flow of Light Brushes the Shadow) copyright Douglas Stockdale - Good News for a Friday; San Diego State University (SDSU) Library is acquiring one of my Artist Special Editions of The Flow of Light Brushes the Shadow for the Library's Special Collections. A trifecta of permanent collections for this artist book, an artist... Continue Reading →

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