Staged in Rome

I must admit that while staging a lot of photographs on my international travels, some of these seemed to work out pretty well while others not-so-much. At the time I thought that is hotel set-up was pretty cool. This room had a weird layout that it was a very deep room; lots of space between... Continue Reading →

Book Cover Comp – What the Font?

I am currently in the midst of finalizing my book concept for Instant Nomad, my investigation of travel and anxiety, as I mentioned in my last post about testing photographs in my book-dummy. I have had some ideas of what my book cover might look like, but now realize that it was time to get... Continue Reading →

The Staged Photograph – Take Two

Instant Nomad #6687 copyright Douglas Stockdale Earlier this month I had posted a staged photograph from my Instant Nomad series, which was triggered by the call for work by the SouthEast Center for Photography (SEC4P), for what else; Staged Photography. I had some self-doubts about submitting the singular image I posted for the sole reason... Continue Reading →

Caustic Networks

LSTa0052 (Caustic Networks) copyright 2020 Douglas Stockdale When I wrote about the science of sunlight and creek water that created a series of caustic networks (light patterns) on the bottom of the creek bed, I think the idea to call this science + landscape series Caustic Networks was beginning to take hold. To one degree or another,... Continue Reading →

VoyageLA shoutout: me!

Support (Memory Pods) Douglas Stockdale copyright 2020 I have very honored to be again featured by VoyageLA today in their Work-Life Balance section! Very cool! I really like their article head-line; Meet Douglas Stockdale, Artist, educator, editor, science-nerd & book-geek. Yep, that's all me. And yes, a little about how I try to balance work... Continue Reading →

Bluewater Shore – Labor Day 2020

Growing up, Labor Day meant that as a kid that summer vacation was coming to an end and the school year was about to start, usually later that week. Since summer vacation was about over, that also meant that the cooler fall weather would be quickly approaching. In the mid-west state of Michigan, that meant... Continue Reading →

2019 End of year wrap-up

Bewilderment (Memory Pods) copyright 2019 Douglas Stockdale It's the end of another year, so it is a great time to celebrate new friends, closer relationships, accomplishments and good times. So today I am looking back at 2018 about what I had hope to accomplish in 2019; both hits and misses. Just maybe that will help... Continue Reading →

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