Paris – Cyanotype Winter (series)

Paris, New Snow, December 2010 (solar cyanotype) copyright Douglas Stockdale –

When I was writing about my solar cyanotype stray cats and singular images, the photograph above is another which is not related to any specific project or series, but which I recall vividly. I first published a color version of this photograph back in 2010 shortly after coming back from Paris.

Thus, for my self-assignment to create five a series of five winter themed solar cyanotypes, this photograph from my Paris assignment came quickly to mind. My winter cyanotype theme was two fold, a snow event that we do not experience very often in Southern California, but which many can relate to, as well as the challenge to get the whites and texture of the snow to appear interesting. Also called my “winter blues” series. LoL.

When I landed in Paris, it was overcast and cold, but relatively clear. While checking into my hotel and looking out the window, I realized that the snow was just starting to come down. Within a few minutes, it was really snowing hard and since the afternoon was mine, a great opportunity for a walk-about with my camera, get some exercise after sitting for almost 12 hours on the flight from Los Angeles, as well as see what Paris might look like with fresh snow.

I was not disappointed. Especially finding this bicycle that the snow storm had caught by surprise. I realized that this snow covered bicycle has a surreal appearance, something you might not expect to see. Individuals rarely bicycle in the snow due to the slippery conditions, realizing that the owners were probably caught off-guard by the rapidly changing environmental conditions. I also see that this photograph might look ambiguous as to its location as there is not very much within the frame that shouts Paris, or even France. So take my word for it, this is indeed Paris in the winter.

If interested in Paris or bicycles, the above solar cyanotype is a 8 x 10″ image printed on a 11 x 14″ sheet of cotton rag, in a series of five.

Cheers & make every day an Earth Day


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