Sea Palm I – Prismacolor over solar cyanotype

Sea Palm I, solar cyanotype with Prismacolor pencil copyright 2023 Douglas Stockdale –

At the beginning of the year, I had decided to hand color one of my Sea Palm I solar cyanotype prints. Which at the time, I had thought was a one-time event. Apparently not. LoL.

When I was experimenting with hand coating Revere Platinum cotton rag papers with a different formulation of the cyanotype chemicals, I also started to achieve some unexpected print results. I thought that I had zeroed in on the proper solar exposure durations and water development, but this process is a bit more problematic than I had anticipated. One of the wonderful aspects of cyanotype printing is that even the near misses are still very interesting artworks.

I had set this print aside while continue to experiment with coatings, exposure durations and a mired of other details. Now just returning from making a presentation at a photo book symposium at UC Berkeley and it dawned on me that this particular cyanotype print is pretty unique (meaning that I am not sure I could achieve the same visual results again) which would be another opportunity to hand color with the Prismacolor pencils. Plus, I had not attempted to hand color the Prismacolor pencils on this rag paper yet and I was very interested to see how the two worked together.

The plate (very smooth) surface of this rag paper accepted the Prismacolor colors very well and was easy to work with for my particular style. Cool! Check that box.

I also wanted to simplify the coloring for this version to provide more focus on the complex seaweed ‘flower’. I think that the subtle split-tone cyanotype provided a wonderful back ground for my oceanic subject.

I am enjoying the subsequent results. Nevertheless, this beautiful little print now needs a new home.

Above: Sea Palm I, Prismacolor over solar Cyanotype, unique, 8 x 10″ image on a 11 x 14″ sheet of 100 lb Revere Platinum hot press rag.

Cheers & make every day an Earth Day



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