Panel discussion at UCBerkeley School of Journalism Photo Book Symposium


Photo courtesy of Barry Schwartz –

A little shout-out about providing my presentation this past weekend at the UCBerkeley School of Journalism Third Biennial Reva & David Logan Photo Book Symposium. Joining me were Kris Graves (KGP) and Michelle Dunn Marsh (Minor Matters) on this panel discussion about ‘Indie Publishing’.

My prior slide was explaining how things were in the age of dinosaurs of the 20th Century with a point being made that were a few gate-keeps who seemed to control who was, and more importantly who was not, being published. And how that all changed over the past twenty years. Changes that were being driven by many small press publishing houses, such as by both Kris Graves and his Kris Graves Projects (KGP) and Michelle Dunn Marsh’s imprint Minor Matters.

I was joined by Debe Arlook who is one of the Contributing Editors with me at PhotoBook Journal and we are busy preparing an overview of this event, with the help of a few other photographers, like Barry Schwartz, who were present and snapping away. LoL. Photographers at a Photo Book event, go figure, eh?

Cheers & make every day an Earth Day


Btw, there was a brief book selling opportunity following all of the symposium presentations and in combination with the book sales at Medium Photo’s book event two weeks ago, I am now in the count down for the final few artist books for Bluewater Shore. Just saying…if you were interested, now is the time as this artist book is not being planned to be reprinted.


 The Flow of Light Brushes the Shadow, an artist book from Singular Images Press, Fall 2022 release, $60.00 (CA sales tax for those residing in the USA) plus shipping expenses. Message me or singularimagespress@gmail for shipping details and PayPal invoice.

Note: The Artist Special Edition (book + extra print) is Sold Out


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