Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse

Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse 2022 copyright Douglas Stockdale – A temporary diversion from recent events is a celestial event tonight with the lunar eclipse of the moon, which is being called a Blood Moon this evening. This is my version from my back yard after wandering onto the park like area behind the house. Always fascinating... Continue Reading →

Mental Health Awareness Month

The Flow of Light Brushes the Shadow copyright 2006 Douglas Stockdale – This is Mental Health Awareness Month and good time for a shout-out that if you are feeling out of emotional sorts, then this could be a sign that there might be something you need to find out more about. The four basic mental health awareness concerns... Continue Reading →

DxO PureRAW 2 image processor for noisy images

Vernouillet (The Flow of Light Brushes the Shadow) copyright 2010 Douglas Stockdale - A couple of friends of mine who are members of the Photographers Exchange have been discussing the relative value of an updated image processing software published by DxO; DxO primeRAW 2 to eliminate or drastically reduce digital image noise (color artifacts). I... Continue Reading →

Cowboy Wedding Photographer

Anthropogenic Crisis No. 134834 (Melting City) copyright 2022 Douglas Stockdale – This last weekend we were in Boulder Colorado for a family wedding and I was just one of the many guests who brought cameras to document this wonderful event. Mine was a bit larger than the others who were using cell phones for their snap-shots. Nevertheless, I knew I... Continue Reading →

Vote for a Green Environment

VOTE copyright Kerry Michaels - Today the LACP Exposure Weekend has come to a close. As always, I had the opportunity to review the portfolios of a talented group of artists and photographers. And always equally inspiring for my own art work concepts, ideas and processes. Of course, those choosing to spend time with me... Continue Reading →

Happy Holidays & Season’s Greetings!

2021 copyright Douglas Stockdale Now it is a great time to wish you all the very best for the holidays with hearty Season's Greetings! My wish is that you have a safe and sane Holiday with friends, family and loved ones. Merry Christmas! Doug

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