Zombie Photography

I find it very interesting in how one thing then relates to another, a kind of creative synthesis. While investigating the possible creative origins of my earlier Organic Abstract Expressionism photograph, I found out about the Light and Space movement from the 1980's and then the somewhat current Process-Based Abstraction movement.  Thus this article's title as... Continue Reading →

Organic Abstraction Expressionism

Over the past week, I published two articles, experimental/play and covid-19 impact,  in conjunction with using a new series of photographs that I have been creating. I am trying to get my head around this new series of experimental photographs that appear like an organic versions of the Abstract Expressionist movement form the 1950's and... Continue Reading →

Flow of Light Brush the Shadow – Snow Shovel

Untitled (Snow Shovel, JinShan, January 2008) copyright Douglas Stockdale I recently posting about finding one of my landscape photographs at the top of both Bing Images and Google Images. After letting the shock of recognition wear off, I went back to both with the same search term, contemporary landscape photography, and started scrolling down further. Yikes, it... Continue Reading →

Project feedback

Untitled (JiaShan) copyright 2008 Douglas Stockdale While at the LA Art Book Fair yesterday, I used a page from my own photobook development workshop, that is to obtain feedback from somebody you trust to review a project that is in progress. I belive that an artists needs to obtain some self-checks during the concept development process. First is an idea... Continue Reading →

Photographic Abstraction

Untitled (RSM) copyright 2007 Douglas Stockdale Okay, I started to write about abstract photography as it might relate to my image above, then I realize that all I was writing was bull dung. So I deleted it. All photographs are abstract. period. This is an image that I made to investigate memory and probably appears "more" abstract than... Continue Reading →

Allowing a concept to develop

untitled (Riverside) copyright 2007  Douglas Stockdale Always interesting to me as to if you allow an idea or concept to develop, what might become of it. A case in point was the project I was working on in China at the end of 2007 then became a means to a process that I continued to employ elsewhere.... Continue Reading →

Synthesis – allowing a concept to simmer

Untitled (LianYunGang) copyright 2007 Douglas Stockdale I will have to admit; I have been allowing the work that I completed in China a few years ago to simmer for some time. I sometimes take a little longer duration to sort out how I want to present one of my conceptual investigations. Looking at my body of work from this... Continue Reading →

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