Flow of Light Brush the Shadow – Snow Shovel

Untitled (Snow Shovel, JinShan, January 2008) copyright Douglas Stockdale I recently posting about finding one of my landscape photographs at the top of both Bing Images and Google Images. After letting the shock of recognition wear off, I went back to both with the same search term, contemporary landscape photography, and started scrolling down further. Yikes, it... Continue Reading →

Project feedback

Untitled (JiaShan) copyright 2008 Douglas Stockdale While at the LA Art Book Fair yesterday, I used a page from my own photobook development workshop, that is to obtain feedback from somebody you trust to review a project that is in progress. I belive that an artists needs to obtain some self-checks during the concept development process. First is an idea... Continue Reading →

Photographic Abstraction

Untitled (RSM) copyright 2007 Douglas Stockdale Okay, I started to write about abstract photography as it might relate to my image above, then I realize that all I was writing was bull dung. So I deleted it. All photographs are abstract. period. This is an image that I made to investigate memory and probably appears "more" abstract than... Continue Reading →

Allowing a concept to develop

untitled (Riverside) copyright 2007  Douglas Stockdale Always interesting to me as to if you allow an idea or concept to develop, what might become of it. A case in point was the project I was working on in China at the end of 2007 then became a means to a process that I continued to employ elsewhere.... Continue Reading →

Synthesis – allowing a concept to simmer

Untitled (LianYunGang) copyright 2007 Douglas Stockdale I will have to admit; I have been allowing the work that I completed in China a few years ago to simmer for some time. I sometimes take a little longer duration to sort out how I want to present one of my conceptual investigations. Looking at my body of work from this... Continue Reading →

Memories & Dreams – #3079

Untitled (XiTang) copyright 2008 Douglas Stockdale My photographs are my memories. At the time of exposure, this is not what I actually saw but much closer to what I was feeling in the moment. Over time this blurred image has become more closely aligned with my indistinct memory of this time and place. It appears real to me. Cheers

Memories & Dreams #1731

Untitled (PingHu) copyright 2008 Douglas Stockdale As a photographer, I sometimes wonder that if in the process of capturing images, I sear these images into my cranium, creating a memory and subsequent dreams? The photograph above, although I can't associate it with any specific dream, is an image that I can easily recall. This was a city sculpture that announced that you... Continue Reading →

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