Investigating memory

Untitled (Hongqiao) copyright 2008 Douglas Stockdale As I investigate my memory, I find it does have many of the characteristics of this photograph. In one regard, my memories are vivid and seem very factual, as though I am looking back on an event just as it occurred. But in fact my memories are flawed and incomplete, I miss details.... Continue Reading →

Flow of Light – 5355

Copyright Douglas Stockdale This is a photograph that has been sitting on the fence for my project Flow of Light Brush the Shadow. I can not place my finger on what the exact quality is, but it is moody and does resonate with me. So during this early phase of the book dummy development, it's in. Cheers!

Memory – murkey

Copyright 2010 Douglas Stockdale Still thinking about the concept of memory. In one way, all photographs are about memory, as they reveal something that no longer is. As soon as the exposure is made, it is instantly a photograph of history and of things past. Nevertheless, when investigating memory, some photographs are better metaphors than others. When a... Continue Reading →

Flow of Light Brush the Shadow

All Photographs Copyright 2011 by Douglas Stockdale I have continued to think about the body of work that I created while I was in China during 2007 and 2008. While in the midst of my stay, I had a number of potential concepts, but in retrospect, not really concrete enough. I know that while in China... Continue Reading →

Contemporary Landscape Photography

When I read a question asked by Miguel Garcia-Guzman on his blog Exposure Compensation (2014 update: the Exposure Compensation blog has been removed and has a new owner) regarding what constitutes Contemporary Great Portrait Photography, that started a kernel of thinking as to how does that same question (and maybe the same answers) apply to Contemporary Landscape Photography? Cheers! Photograph: Winter... Continue Reading →

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