Artist book-dummy making progress

The Flow of Light Brushes the Shadow (book-dummy) copyright 2022 Douglas Stockdale –

A quick status report on my book-dummy for The Flow of Light Brushes the Shadow , which appears to be slowly making some good progress. I seem to be heading towards a small edition artist book, perhaps in conjunction with a book + print edition sub-set. Or maybe every book will come with a print, but that will also raise the book’s price…

I am tweaking the final edit, sequencing and layout design. For this artist book I believe that the edit is complete, thus I am making actually prints to insert into the book-dummy, usually the last stage of my book-dummy development process. This final book-dummy will also provide a final confirmation of the book’s flow and narrative in conjunction with the layout of the actually placement for where the image sits within each page spread. A final book-dummy will then assist me with working a graphic artist to translate this book-dummy into an InDesign file with all of the elements in place.

This artist book will probably be another collaboration with a commercial printer who will print the main text block and then ship me the trim and folded signatures. I am planning to print two additional signatures (8 pages) in my studio, along with the book’s covers, including a translucent slip-cover, then combine this whole mess together with a pamphlet stitch binding. The pamphlet stitch binding prototype is pictured above. Rather than a tight tie-off of the blue waxed thread after the binding is completed, I am allowing the loose strands to hang free, representing the messy loose ends of this autobiographical project. Anxiety is not a tidy condition.

So look for more updates later this Spring as I would like to publish and release this artist book in time for the traditional Fall book releases. Of course with the COVID pandemic, the idea of the traditional book releases has kinda slipped sideways with all of the supply chain issues. Since I am getting printing quotes from local American printers, that should eliminate some of my supply chain concerns, but you never know what might happen.




You can also follow progress of this artist book on a new IG page for my book publisher: Singular Images Press @singularimagespress



Colorado Photographic Arts Center (CPAC): Developing a Creative Photo Book, a virtual (Zoom) workshop I will be leading on: May 14 & 15 – 21 & 22nd, 2022, from 1PM-4PM (Mountain Time). More details and sign-up available now at Colorado Photographic Arts Center.


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