Contact printing – Solar intensity evaluations

I am still plagued by being a science-nerd which is kinda of cool when my sense of curiosity overlaps my artistic instincts. Something that I have yet to read about regarding alternative photography processes involving contact printing using solar power to create the artwork (e.g. cyanotypes) is how to evaluate one's solar light intensity? Here... Continue Reading →

Watercolor paint and pencils over Cyanotype

Surf-Rider I (2017), watercolor over Cyanotype, copyright Douglas Stockdale 2022 - This is now my final version using watercolor paint and watercolor pencils over my Surf-Rider I cyanotype. As I posted previously with the addition of the Magenta and Yellow, the last potential paint color to add will be a 'black' to complete the CMYK... Continue Reading →

Watercolor over Cyanotype – Yellow

One of the aspects of alternative photography when using Cyanotypes is the potential for layering on additional colors using a Gum Bichromate contact printing process. This requires multiple digital negatives, getting these negatives into exact registration when printing each color (and if you don't: Opps!), a lot more chemistry and coating paper in conjunction with... Continue Reading →

Surf-Rider I – Cyanotype series

Surf-Rider l (San Clemente, #100005) copyright 2017 Douglas Stockdale – We just returned from a short vacation in which my son was married on the bluffs in Bandon (OR) overlooking the Pacific Ocean. More about that in another post, but while on this trip, I had been 'pre-visualizing' my first Cyanotype print using a digital negative.... Continue Reading →

Zen Meditation moment

Trabuco Creek, October copyright 2022 Douglas Stockdale – A little botanical zen composition that I saw during my morning walk today...nice moment to watch the water flow past this point. This was a follow-up canyon wilderness walk that I completed late last week. Post surgery and able to actually walk down into the adjacent O'Neill wilderness... Continue Reading →

First Cyanotype experiment

Memory Pods, blue (Cyanotype) copyright 2022 Douglas Stockdale - My first experiment with Cyanotypes is now complete. Only a week late for World Cyanotype Day. This is the most basic version of a cyanotype that harkens back to the earliest versions by Anna Atkins and very fittingly, the first book of photographs using Cyanotypes in... Continue Reading →

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