Canon Pro-2100 – My Field of Dreams

From the heart warming movie Field of Dreams; if you build a (baseball) fields, they will come. Thus the idea behind my purchase earlier this week of a brand-spanking new 24" Canon Pro-2100 printer. If I make bigger prints, I will then sell these! Up till now I mainly sell 16 x 20" prints (on... Continue Reading →


How effective is Social Media for an Artist?

I have been wondering a lot about the relevances of social media for myself and other artists, and perhaps more specifically about staying on Facebook/Instagram. First, the basic question, why use social media (e.g. Facebook/Instagram, Twitter, etc) by an artist? For an established artist who has multiple galleries that represent them, constant demand for exhibitions,... Continue Reading →

Expired Film & Serendipity

Pease be advised: Do not try to adjust your monitor! The colors you are looking at are indeed "unique". One of the interesting aspects of using expired 120 film is not knowing what might come back from the processing laboratory. Sometimes, as with the Pampas Grass photograph that I had discussed earlier this week, most... Continue Reading →

Pampas Grass – Take Two

Yesterday, I posted my lament about living in Southern California with the constant sunny days and corresponding blue skies. A very warm and cheerful place to reside, but potentially problematic if one wants to create dark and stormy photographs. Just no clouds to add to any potential drama! Oh, darn. Gerry Clausing, a good friend... Continue Reading →

Blue sky Blues

I do enjoy living in Southern California. I really do. The beautiful blue sky was one of the many delights as a result of our move from the Midwest where the presence of a sunny day might be measured in terms of minutes per day. It is just that when someone suggests that there should... Continue Reading →

Gardening for Ordnance – book-dummy

The past two weekends have been pretty intense, the first being the LACP Exposure Weekend immediately followed by subsequent weekend that was an extended workshop on self-examination. So you could saw that one weekend was listening to others and the other was listening to myself. And both weekends are impacting how I examine my project... Continue Reading →

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