Untitled (Camouflage) expired 120 film, solar cyanotype, 2023 copyright Douglas Stockdale - Camouflage is used by the military¬†with any combination of materials, coloration, or illumination for concealment. Also it is a process to hide by making objects hard to see, or disguising them as something else, to blend into the surroundings. A continuation of my... Continue Reading →


Untitled (Entanglement), Solar Cyanotype, Expired film, 2023 copyright Douglas Stockdale - Asking the question: Can a multi-decade old, decommissioned WWII/Korean War practice bombing range be representative of historical social issues that are current today in America? I have started to investigate this question using both expired 120 film and solar cyanotype prints. The expired (120)... Continue Reading →

Into the Woods…

California Sycamore, Spring, Fog (Into the Woods), 2007/2023 copyright Douglas Stockdale - When I first encountered the very old California Sycamore trees in Trabuco Arroyo that runs thru O'Neill Park, I found that it was kinda of strange in how these trees over the years and years essentially have 'laid down', but then keep extending... Continue Reading →

Solar Cyanotypes – embracing unexpected outcomes

Sycamore, Fog, Spring copyright 2007/2023 Douglas Stockdale One of the things I am adapting with my solar cyanotype printing, perhaps common to most alternative photographic processes, is to embrace unexpected outcomes. As a scientist, this aspect of alternative photography has been the most vexing. Way back when learning the Zone system, it was always about... Continue Reading →

Earth Day – Every Day

Sycamore, Spring, Trabuco Arroyo, copyright 2023 Douglas Stockdale Earth Day is today! A great reminder to be aware of the environment and climate change. Nevertheless, as I state on my IG account and usually sign-off on my blog articles, we need to make every day an Earth Day, not just try to do be environmentally... Continue Reading →

Pre-coated Cyanotype – The Cyanotype Store

Wo Zhi KanKan (I am just looking), (JiaShan, January 2008 #2829) 2023 copyright Douglas Stockdale - When I had decided to experiment with Cyanotypes last October as an alternative photographic process, I wanted to test the waters with a very minimum investment in equipment, facilities and processes. Especially since I was considering Cyanotypes as the... Continue Reading →

Pigment ink transfer print

Untitled ( #021923) copyright Douglas Stockdale 2023 - I have started experimenting with a pigment ink transfer process to create some interesting and probably best described as abstract artwork. Looking at the final print, above, it would be difficult to know what the photographic subject was that I was stating with as it has little... Continue Reading →

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