California Sycamore – spring 2023

California Sycamore, Spring 2023 copyright Douglas Stockdale –

At the moment I have a bunch of things going on; working on a new cyanotype printing process which I hope to discuss in early April (still need a few more sunny days for solar cyanotype printing), continuing my walks in the adjacent wilderness park (wonderful combination of photography and getting off my butt for some much needed exercise) and preparing for the two day Medium Photo events coming up this weekend in San Diego (Pop-up book fair April 1st selling my artist books and on April 2nd, chairing two discussion panels on photobooks and providing a walking curator talk on the Aperture book exhibit). That I did not provide a separate shout-out early about Medium Photo is my bad.

Since my medical episode last year and subsequent surgery, I have found myself in a slightly different place, which I am still in the process of sorting out. Such as my new focus on alternative photography and solar cyanotype printing. And while taking my morning walks, detouring into the adjacent wilderness area (O’Neill Park) and photographing what is of renewed interest to me; such as the complex old California Sycamore trees which line Trabuco Creek in the arroyo.

In the spring, these trees have yet to have all of the new foliage appear, which provides me with opportunities to graphically capture the intricate flow of the branches.

Also finding that similar to street photography, I need to get closer to these trees. Perhaps I am creating botanical portraits of these old trees, such as the one above, which has had its ups and downs, and similar to other older trees in the arroyo, starting to drop and lay down. Unsure why these particular trees do that here as I don’t find other California Sycamores seemingly dropping to the ground as these do. I am guessing that these are some very old trees since these have been protected by the park system.

I suspect that this and my other tree photographs might be a nice subject to create some interesting solar cyanotypes; time will tell…

Cheers & make every day an Earth Day


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