California Sycamore – spring 2023

California Sycamore, Spring 2023 copyright Douglas Stockdale At the moment I have a bunch of things going on; working on a new cyanotype printing process which I hope to discuss in early April (still need a few more sunny days for solar cyanotype printing), continuing my walks in the adjacent wilderness park (wonderful combination of... Continue Reading →

Wet Spring & Budding Sycamore

Sycamore, Spring, Trabuco Arroyo 2023 copyright Douglas Stockdale - Another study of a 'lazy' Sycamore tree found in the adjacent Trabuco Arroyo, part of the O'Neill Wilderness park. I find these trees fascinating with the complex layering resulting from how the large limbs droop to the ground, which then extend further outward each spring. Also... Continue Reading →

Getting back on the trail again…

Freshwater Crayfish, Southern California copyright 2022 Douglas Stockdale – Today was a minor good health celebration; I was able to venture into the adjacent wilderness park without an health consequences. Which was not the case before my surgery; even walking up a couple of flights of stairs was creating immediate and substantial health issues. My advice,... Continue Reading →

Flowing water – flow of time

Arroyo Trabuco (3121) copyright Douglas Stockdale When I was down in the Arroyo Trabuco earlier this week, I had lamented about not having my tripod. I had also stated that I bracketed my exposures since I was in the sub-1/50th of a second range (hand holding below this is problematic with a 50mm lens) and... Continue Reading →


This is my second in a series of self-affirming posters that I have developed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Similar to my first word+photo diptych Awareness, this photograph was created using expired 120 film, and was made during the development of my Gardening For Ordnance project in 2018. I am spending probably a little much... Continue Reading →

March 20 – 2020 Photo #5

So back to a black & white photograph for this urban landscape, #5 in a short "COVID-19 what to do with myself so I don't have huge anxiety" series. Or something like that. I had pre-visualized this spot along my walk in both color as well as black & white, and at this moment during... Continue Reading →

March 19 – 2020 Photo #4

So our COVID-19 saga continues, thus my working title for this photograph is Turbulent Times, and the fourth in this daily series, with #3 here (Photo #3). I foresaw the potential for this photograph in both color as well as black & white, mostly due to the monotone colors of the foreground weeds. You can... Continue Reading →

Arroyo Trabuco – Old Growth

Copyright Douglas Stockdale -  While unwinding from all of the COVID-19 stuff going and walking in the adjacent Trabuco Arroyo, I keep noticing all of the old growth trees in the canyon. I think that this one is a sycamore tree that seems to be slowly falling down and showing its age. Even while preparing... Continue Reading →

Meditative walk in the canyon

I will have to say that the COVID-19 concerns is taking an emotional toll and one solution to my anxiety is to take a long walk in the adjacent canyon. Since I was one of the few people walking (or bike riding) in the canyon, I was doing my part for social distancing. Minimal social... Continue Reading →

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