Wet Spring & Budding Sycamore

Sycamore, Spring, Trabuco Arroyo 2023 copyright Douglas Stockdale –

Another study of a ‘lazy’ Sycamore tree found in the adjacent Trabuco Arroyo, part of the O’Neill Wilderness park. I find these trees fascinating with the complex layering resulting from how the large limbs droop to the ground, which then extend further outward each spring. Also a little spooky as these tree limbs also appear to be spiky fingers extending out to snatch some unsuspecting soul. Wondering if I can extend that concept into a reflection on climate change? I may have to print a solar cyanotype of this image to further explore that idea.

Earlier in the morning, indications were that another southern California rain storm would not arrive until the evening. Nevertheless, it was just starting to sprinkle as I made this exposure and I almost made it home dry. Yes, I did not have a raincoat with me trusting in the weather reports. The rapidly changing weather did make for a moody sky, so the silver lining for the morning.

Cheers & make every day an Earth Day


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