Into the Woods…

California Sycamore, Spring, Fog (Into the Woods), 2007/2023 copyright Douglas Stockdale - When I first encountered the very old California Sycamore trees in Trabuco Arroyo that runs thru O'Neill Park, I found that it was kinda of strange in how these trees over the years and years essentially have 'laid down', but then keep extending... Continue Reading →

Solar Cyanotypes – embracing unexpected outcomes

Sycamore, Fog, Spring copyright 2007/2023 Douglas Stockdale One of the things I am adapting with my solar cyanotype printing, perhaps common to most alternative photographic processes, is to embrace unexpected outcomes. As a scientist, this aspect of alternative photography has been the most vexing. Way back when learning the Zone system, it was always about... Continue Reading →

Earth Day – Every Day

Sycamore, Spring, Trabuco Arroyo, copyright 2023 Douglas Stockdale Earth Day is today! A great reminder to be aware of the environment and climate change. Nevertheless, as I state on my IG account and usually sign-off on my blog articles, we need to make every day an Earth Day, not just try to do be environmentally... Continue Reading →

California Sycamore – spring 2023

California Sycamore, Spring 2023 copyright Douglas Stockdale - At the moment I have a bunch of things going on; working on a new cyanotype printing process which I hope to discuss in early April (still need a few more sunny days for solar cyanotype printing), continuing my walks in the adjacent wilderness park (wonderful combination... Continue Reading →

Wet Spring & Budding Sycamore

Sycamore, Spring, Trabuco Arroyo 2023 copyright Douglas Stockdale - Another study of a 'lazy' Sycamore tree found in the adjacent Trabuco Arroyo, part of the O'Neill Wilderness park. I find these trees fascinating with the complex layering resulting from how the large limbs droop to the ground, which then extend further outward each spring. Also... Continue Reading →

Local Wilderness – anxiety relief

Trabuco Arroyo, O'Neil Country Park - copyright 2022 Douglas Stockdale - I think we were fortunate in selecting the home we moved into some twenty-plus years ago; our neighborhood is adjacent to an access point into the Trabuco Arroyo, which is part of the O'Neil Orange County Park system. Also designated a wilderness park, which... Continue Reading →

R & R to manage anxiety

Anthropogenic Crisis No. 6903¬†copyright 2022¬†Douglas Stockdale - With the conclusion of Mental Health Awareness Month, a parting article about how I deal with my anxiety, hopefully of use to someone. Hopefully evident with the above photograph from my Anthropogenic Crisis series, it's sometimes good to take a walk. A little Rest and Relaxation, what we... Continue Reading →

Flowing water – flow of time

Arroyo Trabuco (3121) copyright Douglas Stockdale When I was down in the Arroyo Trabuco earlier this week, I had lamented about not having my tripod. I had also stated that I bracketed my exposures since I was in the sub-1/50th of a second range (hand holding below this is problematic with a 50mm lens) and... Continue Reading →

Up a creek without a tripod

This morning I made another hike down into the Arroyo Trabuco, thinking that even with the small amount of rain in the mountains, that the creek would be running a little faster. It was. Also delayed my walk to ensure that there would be more sunlight on the creek versus it running in the shade.... Continue Reading →

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