4th of July – Fireworks


Untitled (Lahaina, Maui, 4th of July) copyright 2013 Douglas Stockdale

While we were vacationing in Maui, we planned to do a catamaran boat ride on the 4th of July, which after dinner, we were to moor off shore from Lahaina for the fireworks. What I did not expect is that we would end up with a very clear and unobstructed view of the fireworks exhibit. What I find fascinating about photographing a fireworks display is the unexpected serendipity of the results and the potential for some interesting abstract photographs about light & color. Unless you provide a reference point, the subjects are ambiguous as to the relative size. Typically, one would use a tripod for a Bulb exposure, so taking these photographs on a swaying boat out in the ocean was going to introduce another unmanageable element into the photographs.

So in this case, more opportunities for abstraction.

As to the results; interesting. These are pretty straight photographs with some tweaking of contrast and trying to save some highlights in Photoshop, otherwise no major changes. As a personal memento of the event, I prefer the top image, as there is a small ambiguous shape in the foreground which I know is the hull of the cat. As an total abstraction, then I defer to the first image below.

Bottom line, it was fun event, with no “artistic” expectations. But who knows what concept these may help investigate at a latter time.








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