Entanglement – reflecting on D-Day 1944

Untitled (Entanglement series) May 2023 copyright Douglas Stockdale - I had posted the above image of my cyanotype print yesterday on my social media (IG and Fb) as a homage to those who served in the military during WWII about the date that began the mainland offensive invasion of France on June 6th, 1944. My... Continue Reading →

Expired B&W film – more unexpected outcomes

Illford FP4, expired June 1983, photographed May 2023 copyright Douglas Stockdale - When I recently wrote about embracing unexpected outcomes with my expired film, the photograph I featured was from a roll of very old 120 FujiChrome 100F. A recently used roll of Illford Black and White 120 FP4 film that I exposed earlier this... Continue Reading →


Untitled (Camouflage) expired 120 film, solar cyanotype, 2023 copyright Douglas Stockdale - Camouflage is used by the military with any combination of materials, coloration, or illumination for concealment. Also it is a process to hide by making objects hard to see, or disguising them as something else, to blend into the surroundings. A continuation of my... Continue Reading →


Untitled (Entanglement), Solar Cyanotype, Expired film, 2023 copyright Douglas Stockdale - Asking the question: Can a multi-decade old, decommissioned WWII/Korean War practice bombing range be representative of historical social issues that are current today in America? I have started to investigate this question using both expired 120 film and solar cyanotype prints. The expired (120)... Continue Reading →

May is Mental Health Awareness Month

Insomnia copyright 2012/2022 Douglas Stockdale Mental Health Awareness Month has been observed in May in the United States since 1949 and was started by the Mental Health America organization. Highlighting this condition is to help understand the underlying issues that lead to anxiety and depression in order to combat the stigma of this illness and... Continue Reading →

Pre-coated Cyanotype – The Cyanotype Store

Wo Zhi KanKan (I am just looking), (JiaShan, January 2008 #2829) 2023 copyright Douglas Stockdale - When I had decided to experiment with Cyanotypes last October as an alternative photographic process, I wanted to test the waters with a very minimum investment in equipment, facilities and processes. Especially since I was considering Cyanotypes as the... Continue Reading →

Eugene Atget – Parc Saint-Cloud

Parc Saint-Cloud, Vase and Staircase copyright 2010 Douglas Stockdale - I am back thinking about Eugene Atget again while re-examining the photographs I made over two days some 10+ years ago while walking Parc Saint-Cloud. As I had wrote previously about these two days, I had been doing my best to think about the photographs... Continue Reading →

In Passing: Lest I Forget

‘Randy‘ Nevada Route 157 (In Passing: Lest I Forget #1954) solar cyanotype + Prismacolor pencil, copyright 2007/2023 Douglas Stockdale – While writing about my earlier series of roadside memorials, I recalled that I had yet another name for this series, Lest I Forget, which is written on one of the memorials I found while driving in Nevada. I... Continue Reading →

In Passing – Cyanotype prints

'Forlon' Texas Highway 46 (In Passing: Lest I Forget #002) solar cyanotype + Prismacolor pencil, copyright 2006/2023 Douglas Stockdale - With the development and interest in printing cyanotypes, part of my new dilemma was what to print with this intriguing method? Obvious answer; what not to print?? On my short list was my earlier series... Continue Reading →

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