Middle Ground – Photobooks International

My artist book Middle Ground is now available at a third US bookstore; Photobooks International. Nice! This virtual bookstore also has a small retail space at Fabrik Projects gallery (Los Angeles near Culver City) where there are a few copies of this limited edition book are available to check out. Middle Ground is also available at Grenade... Continue Reading →



Untitled (Trabuco Flats) 2019 copyright Douglas Stockdale First, welcome to my new url for this blog; now singularimages.net after a ten year run using the free WordPress.com option (It's my Scottish heritage to be so frugal). Actually I made the change to a paid WordPress site a couple of years ago to reduce the WordPress... Continue Reading →

Trabuco Flats – mystery noir?

Mysterious Circumstance site 9, Trabuco Flats, 2018 copyright Douglas Stockdale Another aspect of experimental/play with my Trabuco Flats project is creating a pure black and white version, that would of course be my noir (dark) version. Why not? Or maybe a slight color tint to a black & white? So this long weekend while attending... Continue Reading →

Middle Ground – Published

Middle Ground, self-published artist book, edition of 99 copyright 2018 Douglas Stockdale Last weekend the publication of the Middle Ground edition was finally completed! Binding the of 99 artist books took a bit longer than anticipated. Introduction (text not provided in the artist book): My urban landscape project Middle Ground evolved out my attempts to make... Continue Reading →

Expired film – Gardening for Ordnance

Untitled, Gardening for Ordnance project, 2018 copyright Douglas Stockdale While I am still in the midst of binding the remaining leporello artist books for Middle Ground (yes, book is still available, so message me for details) I have continued to work on two other on-going projects, Memory Pods and Gardening for Ordnance, both with an... Continue Reading →

More Expired film donations

120 Ektachrome & VPS expired film, 2018 copyright Douglas Stockdale This was a good week for expired 120 film donations for me. I was starting to run a bit thin in my expired film inventory while working on my project Gardening for Ordnance and starting to get a little stingy in my film use. My... Continue Reading →

Middle Ground – contextualized

Alternative Crossing, Middle Ground, 2017, copyright Douglas Stockdale Contextualize; the artist intends to explain, justify and extend their body of work. Similar to the write-up a gallery will provide for an artist's work that might need to be re-positioned as to it's artistic merit (such as being "collectible", thus you should buy it), as example... Continue Reading →

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