In Passing – Cyanotype prints

Forlon‘ Texas Highway 46 (In Passing: Lest I Forget #002) solar cyanotype + Prismacolor pencil, copyright 2006/2023 Douglas Stockdale

With the development and interest in printing cyanotypes, part of my new dilemma was what to print with this intriguing method? Obvious answer; what not to print?? On my short list was my earlier series of In Passing (featured LensWork issue #74 portfolio in 2008), that has seen some different treatments since I started this series in 2006: for LensWork, my black and white converted images were featured, which I created a couple of photobook versions (bookdummy) with Blurb, then subsequently I started to show these in the original color and now I am considering this series of photographs visualized as cyanotype prints.

As a what-if, I have created three of the cyanotype prints (another was published a couple of days ago) and I have another in-process, awaiting a new supply of coated cyanotype watercolor rag.

I think that the moody blues of the cyanotypes create an interesting introspective effect with this series of melancholy images. In conjunction with the printing of these images as cyanotype prints, I have been also layering these with Prismacolor fine art pencils to create unique hand-color prints.

As I explained in my earlier article, I was considering which subjects to print using the cyanotype process, as luck would have it, a gallery I have exhibited with had a call for Abandoned Landscapes. Perfect! Thus, my goal was to print and hand-color five of these In Passing images that seemed to resonate best with the call for art, but due to a technical glitch, I will have only three hand-colored cyanotypes to submit, this being one of these.

This particular urban landscape came to mind first for me due to the on-going deterioration of this Texas roadside memorial. As I witness what occurs with many of these roadside memorials is that after the initial grief and response due to the sudden circumstances to this deadly event, over time, these sites and memorials are not maintained and eventually have a passing of its own. The plastic flowers become wind-blown and sun faded, while other parts of this hastily erected memorial falls victim to the natural elements. My hand-color cyanotype is a visual metaphor for the fading blue memories.

Also in relation to my earlier post about submission rejections, what might not be apparent in my artwork submission is that this is a solar printed cyanotype that I have hand-colored. But then again, it needs to stand on it own visual merits. Nevertheless, the submission has been completed (meaning I paid the entry fees and uploaded my print images). Perhaps my hand-color cyanotypes might make better submissions for alternative photography calls for art?

Meanwhile, to continue reconsidering my pre-visualization of this series as hand-colored cyanotypes as a book project.

Featured artwork: Forlon, Texas Highwas 46 (In Passing: Lest I Forget #002), solar cyanotype + Prismacolor, unique, 8 x 10″ image on a 11 x 14″ sheet of 100 lb watercolor rag.

Cheers & make every day an Earth Day


Btw, I still find myself bouncing between the two working titles for this series; In Passing and Roadside Remembrance. The title In Passing has that double entendre thing working for it and more vague, while Roadside Remembrance is a lot more direct and literal. There I go again; Artistic versus Engineer. sigh. It does not help that Maureen who came up with the In Passing title also passed away recently, so another personal layer for the working title In Passing. A good reason to return to that earlier working title of In Passing, eh?

Update: Recalling another working title for this series; In Passing: Lest I Forget


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