Roadside Remembrance Memorial – Texas

I have been revisiting my earlier photographs for my Roadside Remembrance series and how these two photographs of a site outside of San Antonio Texas impacted my artistic direction on this series. I was heading to a place that I found on the internet that had the potential of some rapid running water, when I... Continue Reading →

Roadside Memorial – Halloween

While working on my roadside remembrance series, this was a memorial I came across in Victorville CA located on a I-15 frontage road at an intersection into a small neighborhood. I had photographed this in mid-October and the sustaining memorial had been prepared for the Halloween season. From what I heard, the mother of Mark,... Continue Reading →

Sunset – Route 159 – Nevada

When I was recently provided the opportunity to offer some of my photographs for sale at my gallery, Fabrik Projects, one of the photographs I found myself thinking about was Sunset, Nevada State Route 159, above. This is from my Roadside Remembrance Memorials series. I was intrigued about relooking at this image due in big... Continue Reading →

Roadside Remembrance – New Direction

Earlier this month I had a mini-exhibit at Photo Independent (Los Angeles) and subsequently posted that due to some really good feedback, that I was going to radically alter one of my in-process projects. So a little bit about that today and not that I have everything figured out yet, but that I have a... Continue Reading →

2016 – Looking Ahead

Untitled, copyright 2016 Douglas Stockdale As I just posted, the beginning of the year is a time to reflect on the past and also to look forward for what might be. My first post was honking my horn for 2015, now I want to look at my goals for 2016. I had two principal projects... Continue Reading →

Grant funding a Photographic Project

A-41, Tattenhall, England (Roadside Remembrance) copyright Douglas Stockdale On my list of to-do's is to find some funding to support the publication and exhibition of my roadside remembrance memorials project. Here in the US, there are a couple of avenues to journey down in order to obtain a grant (e.g. gift, not a loan) and at... Continue Reading →

Angel of Death – Surrealistic moment

untitled (Colfax Street, Denver, CO) copyright 2015 Douglas Stockdale While I was working on my Roadside Remembrance series  in Denver Colorado over the Thanksgiving weekend, I had an opportunity to develop a Surrealist photograph. Knowing of Henri Cartier-Bresson's compositional practice of arranging a potential image and then waiting for someone or something to happen, I had... Continue Reading →

Refocusing a project

Morning Shadow, Denverton, California, 2007 copyright Douglas Stockdale Following up on yesterday's post perhaps a little more about how this Roadside Remembrance series is being reconsidered as a Black & White portfolio. This series of roadside memorials was starting to get a little traction in 2008 and I felt it had potential to go beyond the... Continue Reading →

In Passing – Lest I Forget

Nevada State Randy, Route 179, (Randy) copyright Douglas Stockdale Reading the recent (2015) October issue of PDN magazine, which is their annual photobook issue, I found myself thinking back to my real first photographic project, a series of roadside remembrance memorials. As a quick recap, it is a series that I became very fascinated by in late... Continue Reading →

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