Sunset – Route 159 – Nevada

02-10-07 Sunset Route 159 Nevada 1954v2_Randy

When I was recently provided the opportunity to offer some of my photographs for sale at my gallery, Fabrik Projects, one of the photographs I found myself thinking about was Sunset, Route 159, Nevada, above, from my Lest I Forget project. Probably due in big part to my writing about this photograph recently after my PPA curatorial book presentation.

I have been thinking about the title of this photograph as well. When it was published as part of the In Passing portfolio in LensWork (#74), it was titled “Randy” related to the hand-written name on the road side memorial. Seemed to make sense to me at the time. In retrospect I find this title to be a bit too specific and does not allow very much room for the reader’s imagination to roam. Thus the change in the photograph’s title to create a potentially broader context and reading.

Another aspect of this photograph that has intrigued me after printing one of my earlier black and white landscapes, Cascade, Spring, Placerita Canyon, on the Hahnemuhle Rag Metallic is how well this photograph might look printed on the Metallica Rag. There are some light to middle grays that could print really nice on this Metallic Rag. I first printed a small trial print and quickly realized that this photograph needed a bit more tweaking to extent the contrast for the Metallic Rag (lighter values appeared too dull). After making some adjustments to the Curves Adjustment layer, the second printing confirmed that this photograph was an ideal image for pairing with the Metallic Rag and appears to provide a three dimensionality.

In retrospect, this is really the first exhibition print I have made of any photographs from the Lest I Forget project. My prior intent was focused more on a book publication, so my printing was restricted to 8-1/2 x 11″ size to evaluate the sequencing of the body of work. I had not been considering any photographic exhibitions. I am now re-examining this entire project as to what other options I might have, including mashing these photographs up with another project. As was once remarked to me that an entire book of roadside memorial photographs might not be very appealing (not sure I agree, but she made a really good point). I am thinking about this body of work’s potential beyond appearing to look like a photo-documentary, which is in truth how it was initially conceived.

Probably of all of my photographs in my roadside memorial project, this image may have the broadest visually metaphoric content. The photographic image is 13″ x 16″ on a 17″ x 22″ sheet, edition of 10, pigment ink on Hahnemuhle Rag Metallic and now available from Fabrik Projects gallery.

Reminder, I will be attending Fabrik Projects closing reception for our Summer Group Show, 4pm – 6pm, August 31st, 2019. That will be a great opportunity to discuss this and my other photographic prints.

Featured photograph: Sunset, Route 159, Nevada (Lest I Forget) copyright 2007 Douglas Stockdale

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