LACP Portfolio Review prep

10-25-15 KI6A0645-02 Disassociation

The LACP Exposure Weekend will start tomorrow morning here in Los Angeles and I am getting the last minute preparations completed. At some moments, the above photograph, Disassociation, may well visually describe how I am feeling; a bit frantic with what seems like still too many things to do. Even with my background in project management assembling my to-do lists over the past couple of weeks, there are still moments that seem a bit overwhelming. Even as I prepare this post to link up my web site below, I realize this website needs updating since the Summer Group Show I was in at Fabrik Projects has come and gone. sigh. That website update can wait until next week.

My formal part at this LACP event is relatively easy; I will be assisting Elizabeth Avedon’s one-day book workshop on Friday, taking questions at the Photographic Book Competition exhibition on Friday night (then perhaps a well earned drink during the evenings networking event), providing Portfolio Reviews through-out Saturday and Sunday and participating on a photo book discussion panel Saturday at noon (FREE if you are in the area).

It’s the preparation for all of the things that are going on the side that I have been preparing for. First on my list is although I am reviewing and discussing other photographers portfolio’s, I have one of my own (Memory Pods) that I want to discuss with some of my fellow portfolio reviewers. Which provides me with some empathy for those preparing their portfolios for this event. I will also participate in the Portfolio Walk on Friday evening, so I hope to have my porfolio table near the Book Exhibition & do some multi-tasking with taking questions from both. With my interest in the Hahnemuhle Metallic papers, I have reprinted my entire Memory Pods portfolio on this paper over the past two weeks.

Also bringing a much smaller (printed on 8-1/2 x 11 Metallic) and expanded portfolio for causal reviews for those in-between moments. Lessons learned from the past, I may not have the space and time to bring out the big dogs (17 x 22″ prints) for every opportunity and occasion. So something for folks to quickly look through and see if they have an interest in looking at the exhibition size prints, which we can then arrange at another time.

I also have my book dummy for my Gardening for Ordnance project to share on the side with three publishers who will be at this event; mostly to get some feedback on my concept. I have also been discussing with each of these photographer/publishers about my interview of them for PhotoBook Journal. So I know we will have a little time together. Which reminds me to bring my camera with me; so putting that on my check-list.

Okay, enough of an update; time to get back to my preparation or otherwise I will really start to feel underwater (then I will need to create a much bluer version of Disassocciation!)


Featured photograph; Disassociation (Memory Pods) copyright 2015 Douglas Stockdale


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