Gardening for Ordnance – book-dummy

09-27-18 G4O book-dummy cover v2 KI6A2616

The past two weekends have been pretty intense, the first being the LACP Exposure Weekend immediately followed by subsequent weekend that was an extended workshop on self-examination. So you could saw that one weekend was listening to others and the other was listening to myself. And both weekends are impacting how I examine my project Gardening For Ordnance.

While discussing my preparations for the LACP Exposure Weekend, I mentioned that I have developed a book dummy for Gardening For Ordnance, but I had not provided much information about it, with only some earlier hints. At this time for the LACP event I was more concerned about the visual concept than getting the page count correct or including either an intro or afterword. One of the book design aspects that I was interested in hearing about related to the essays; was one needed? And if so, where.

The book-dummy was not bound and the interior pages were paper-clipped together. Next time I will tape the pages together as the paper-clips were an awkward mess while being reviewed and an unwanted distraction to the flow of discussion. I did have an opportunity to get some feedback on my book-dummy from two book designers and one publisher, Kris Graves of Kris Graves Projects (below). I will have to say that Kris asked the most challenging questions and provided a lot of food for thought. Essentially, if my project is about the buried ordnance as a potential danger, why don’t the photographs provide more visual tension that hints at danger? hmmmm.

The following weekend was about personal introspection and why I act/react the way I do. One discover I found out that potentially relates to the Gardening For Ordnance project is that I have a lot more anxiety that I had ever imagined. And during the weekend I realized that my photographic project Gardening For Ordnance has been probably subconsciously investigating that critical aspect of anxiety. Something that I could not put my finger on, the tip of the tongue kinda of thing.

Suffice to say, the cumulation of the two weekends has me rethinking the project. I have already re-worked one the images, which is now on the book-dummy cover (version #2). And I have some ideas of other tweaks and changes I want to incorporate. I am not exactly starting from ground zero as a do-over, but I am certainly looking at this body of work with a different pair of glasses. I think that I need to introduce a lot more visual tension.

Featured photograph; Gardening For Ordnance, book-dummy version 2 copyright 2019 Douglas Stockdale


09-14-19 Kris Graves LACP G4O book dummy review KI6A2578


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