Expired film – embracing unexpected outcomes

Untitled (Gardening For Ordnance series) 2023 copyright Douglas Stockdale - A couple of days ago, I wrote an article about the need to embrace unexpected outcomes when solar printing cyanotype prints. So imagine my surprise when last night I obtained the film scan results from a lens test while using some of last reserves of... Continue Reading →

Decommissioned WWII bombing site

One of the suggestions made during my Gardening For Ordnance book-dummy review at the LACP Exposure Weekend was to consider a broader urban landscape photograph that might place the location of the decommissioned WWII bombing site in perspective. hmmmm, I am not sure now that this is something I want to include in my project,... Continue Reading →

Gardening for Ordnance – book-dummy

The past two weekends have been pretty intense, the first being the LACP Exposure Weekend immediately followed by subsequent weekend that was an extended workshop on self-examination. So you could saw that one weekend was listening to others and the other was listening to myself. And both weekends are impacting how I examine my project... Continue Reading →

D-Day 75 years ago

  Today, June 6th, 2019 is the 75th anniversary of the D-Day invasion of France during WWII that eventually lead to the end of that terrible war. Also a day to remember my father who took part of this event who was in the Second Army (Amour Division), and if I recall, he stated that... Continue Reading →

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