Decommissioned WWII bombing site

10-03-19 RSM KI6A2626

One of the suggestions made during my Gardening For Ordnance book-dummy review at the LACP Exposure Weekend was to consider a broader urban landscape photograph that might place the location of the decommissioned WWII bombing site in perspective. hmmmm, I am not sure now that this is something I want to include in my project, but I had indicated that I would consider this aspect.

One potential location that I had previously considered was an elevated position looking out from the opposite ridge facing the city Rancho Santa Margarita where the bombing practice had occurred. I also anticipated that that most of the homes and the bombing sites would be hidden by the extensive amount of trees that had been planted in this area. So this morning I hiked into Trabuco Canyon, forded the creek and then hiked up the hill to the opposite side of the canyon. I found a number of different eleveated advantage points, but each one pretty much offered a similar viewpoint, the best of which is featured above. I can also state that this is a view point of where I live.

I suppose that this photograph does provide a pretty good environmental perspective of the decommissioned bombing range in the context what this area has evolved into since the early 1940’s. The Saddleback Mountain range in the background also provides some information about this location in Southern California. For me, this urban landscape photograph appears informative, but it does not do anything visually for me in terms of this project.

Meanwhile, during the hike I did come across one interesting composition, below, that included some old barbed wire that I might come back and photograph with the expired 120 film and the Hasselblad. If so, I will probably need to use the 80mm lens as I did not have very much room to maneuver for this composition.

My question; does the photograph below appear very threatening or elicit any thoughts of dread or fear (anxiety) that would support my project? On reflection, if it does, I will soon be back here again. Meanwhile, I did find one other place that might have some interesting implications to investigate as well, so increasing the odds that I might be back soon.

So all in all, it was a nice morning hike, even if the one hill that I needed to climb was a bit challenging.


Featured photograph, above; Rancho Santa Margarita, CA, 2019 copyright Douglas Stockdale

Featured photograph, below; Post and barbed wire, Trabuco Canyon, 2019 copyright Douglas Stockdale

10-03-19 Fence n barbed wire KI6A2634

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