What Will You Remember? > Anthropogenic Crisis

I am very honored that one of my images (Burning Palm) from my Anthropogenic Crisis series was featured as the banner image for an article by Elin Spring and Suzanne Révy who were one of the many portfolio reviewers during the Los Angles Center of Photography (LACP) Exposure Weekend in their wonderful photographic review magazine... Continue Reading →

LACP Fundraising Artsy.net exhibition

I am honored to be participating in the Los Angeles Center of Photography (LACP) members fundraising exhibition which is being hosted on-line with Artsy.net. This is a short exhibition time-frame, June 16th through June 30th. I think that this is a nice response to the current COVID-19 conditions, which is a win-win for LACP and... Continue Reading →

One hand clapping

So if I am in an exhibition that just after it's hung, the city of L.A. and State of CA shut all of the galleries down due to COVID-19, so that nobody attends or visits, does that "exhibition" get included in my CV? Did that exhibition then really happen? My current situation of one hand... Continue Reading →

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