Walking were it might be “Hazardous”

Signage, Arroyo Trabuco trail, January* 2018 copyright Douglas Stockdale While walking the Arroyo Trabuco trail I have noticed a number of really deteriorated signs with a wire mesh that appeared to have covered the missing signage. All of these were in really bad condition, thus I could only speculate what was there. This seemed to provide... Continue Reading →

Memory Pods project on web site

Ghost (Memory Pods project) 2014 copyright Douglas Stockdale Sometimes I need a kick in the butt to get myself into gear. I have been stating that I need to update my web site with more images from my Memory Pods project and now receiving the Honorable Mention at IFAC for my photography Loss from this project... Continue Reading →

Memory Pods – Film alternative

  Empty (Memory Pods project)  2016 copyright Douglas Stockdale The photograph in this post is the results from my previous two posts; Hasselblad Ready for its Closeup and, part 2. Essentially I want to see if my Memory Pod subjects look like when captured on color negative film, in this case the Kodak Portra 160. For the first... Continue Reading →

Hasselblad ready for its closeup

Hasselblad 500 C/M copyright 2016 Douglas Stockdale The next phase of my Memory Pods photographic project is a switch-up to color film in conjunction with my Hasselblad. To obtain the close up framing I needed I added two 21mm extension tubes to my 150 mm f/4 Sonar lens. I had read about the exposure compensation... Continue Reading →

Instagram learning curve

3rd Street LA Art district 2016 copyright Douglas Stockdale I stated at the beginning of this year that I am now posting on Instagram (@douglasstockdale), so I am new to this platform. I have been getting a few (very few) pointers from my daughter, but I figure if I look and play, I should get this... Continue Reading →

Photo Independent – Print Portfolio progress

Memory Pods, copyright 2016 Douglas Stockdale An update on my progress to prepare for Photo Independent regarding my print portfolio(s) as previous discussed. First, the idea that I had to quickly prepare a print portfolio for Photo Independent was quickly stressing me out. Needing to quickly select the prints (yikes, which ones out of the... Continue Reading →

Exhibiting at Photo Independent

Memory Pods 2016 copyright Douglas Stockdale I have just been notified that I am accepted into Photo Independent at the end of this month. I was anticipating that I would be included in the Photobook Independent, but I was just notified that I can also have a print portfolio in addition to my photobooks. Yikes,... Continue Reading →

Urban Tree – Spring

Urban Tree, Spring 2016 copyright Douglas Stockdale Perhaps like Edward Steichen in his later years, I find myself photographing a backyard tree, as I had posted earlier here. Perhaps this could develop into a photographic project, but for now, I am content to think of this as a pleasant on-going series. Cheers

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