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Last week after deciding to stop posting on Photo Exhibit and to start deleting off some of my lamer early posts (okay, I think that they did get better latter on when I became a little more confident with what I wanted to write), I had hesitated at the deleting the gallery announcement about (John) Luke Smalley. I think it was because I had planned to obtain Smalley’s new book (Sunday Drive) from Twin Palms Publishers for review on The Photo Book. Anyhow I decided to leave his post on the site and I continued removing about a dozen others.

So over the Memorial Day holidays, while checking my other sites, I did a quick check of the stats for Photo Exhibit. Wow, almost off the chart for my post about Smalley’s exhibit here in SoCal. Being a little curious, I did a quick Google on him and in the top five items were two recent obits. Apparently Luke  Smalley had unexpectedly passed away last week in PA. And it appears that was on the same day that I was hesitating about deleting his gallery announcement.  Oh, wow. 

He has not exhibited very much yet, so my exhibition posting was getting some exposure.

Now the links coming into my Photo Exhibit article for my Luke Smalley announcement are from Wikipedia, as someone has just published his bio on there and my gallery announcement is listed as one of the References for the listing. Now I kinda feel that I need to keep the Photo Exhibit blog up for a while to see how this Wikipedia bio for Luke Smalley evolves.

Best regards, Doug

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