Photo Exhibit & The Photo Book

Last year was interesting in that I found myself a little overwhelmed with maintaining my web-journals and other photo-groups and then pulled back. Then one thing led to another.

I then jumped back into the thick of things by startinga blog for our monthly photo group called The Photo Exchange. And I realized that I needed to get to more photographic exhibits than I had, so I started to write about the local exhibits on The Photo Exchange. And that led to the idea of a blog just about photo exhibits, so I started a new blog, Photo Exhibit, concentrating on SoCal photo exhibits. If that was not enough, I started writing reviews about photobooks from my collection, which then morphed into The Photo Book. All I was overextended again. sigh.

But then I had what I thought was a clever idea, take The Photo Exhibit, open it up to a collaborative blog and invite photographers from all over to contribute. So after almost five months, perhaps it was not as clever as I thought.  In retrospect, I found myself in the same place as most of the other contributors, I already had too much on my plate and I was not getting to exhibits as often as I wanted. Although I live in Southern CA where there are a ton of exhibits, I am actually in South Orange County and the majority of exhibits are in West LA, about an hour plus when there is no traffic. And when is there no traffic on the 405?? So that means I am really about two to two and a half hours away, each way. Yuck!

Second, I also found that my exhibition review process is a bit long.  I like to look at the exhibit, then head home and  think about what I saw and how I felt about it, then return and study it again, then try to write a coherent review. If I am still not sure, then I want to go back again. Sheeese. I have tried to take voluminous notes about my thoughts and reactions at the initial exhibit viewing, but that just did not seem to work well for ME. But I will say that with reviewing more exhibits, I seem to be able to get to the core of what I see more on the first viewing and on return, I am now doing more confirming my first thoughts.

Nevertheless, I along with the other contributors were not getting to the photo exhibitions very often, and sometimes even if someone was able to attend an exhibition, they may not have the time to post a review. So after recently polling the contributors to Photo Exhibit, the consensus is to let this blog trickle off to a slow death sometime this summer.

Meanwhile, my review process works much better with the photobooks, in as I have the books in hand and I am able to look at them repeatibly while collecting my thoughts and then subsequently try to write a succinct review. Which seem to be getting a slight bit better as I compare the recent reviews to my earliest. So I am continuing to forge ahead with The Photo Book, as I enjoy the photobooks and the challenage of writing a good review. This is a keeper;- )

So if you have previously linked-up Photo Exhibit, I would not mind if you deleted it now off your blogroll. Like wise if you have not linked-up The Photo Bookyet and you like what I am posting, I would really appreciate it if you would link it up on your blogroll.

Best regards, Doug

2 thoughts on “Photo Exhibit & The Photo Book

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  1. Photobooks seem to be the hot, hot thing right now. More economical than putting on a show, and no gatekeeper if you want to self publish.

    I’ve happily added a link at Gallery Hopper. Good luck on the new site!

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